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“That just shows how much of a problem it is”: Scream 6 Star Melissa Barrera Defends Lead Actress Neve Campbell Not Returning Due To Income Disparity

Scream 6 star Melissa Barrera supports Neve Campbell for her conclusion not to return to the forthcoming horror sequel because of a pay conflict. She enrolled in the franchise in 2022’s fifth installment, Scream, as the new protagonist Sam Carpenter.

Scream star Neve Campbell
Scream star Neve Campbell

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The sequel is a successful comeback to theaters for the very first time since 2011, the famous horror franchise is scheduled to continue with Scream 6. After Sam tackled a dark family legacy and the horrible killing rampage following a new Ghostface entry that twisted its attention to the fandom community. And “legacyquels,” the franchise’s recent star was set to return in a follow-up along with fellow members including Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Jenny Ortega, and Courteney Cox.

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Scream 6 Star Supports Neve Campbell for Denying a Disappointing Offer

Scream 6 star supports Neve Campbell for leaving the franchise.
The Scream 6 star supports Neve Campbell for leaving the franchise.

Despite the sequel’s return, it’s witnessing most of the surviving cast return, Neve Campbell announced that she wouldn’t return for Scream 6 due to her disappointment and frustration with the pay she was offered. Because of this, the movie will be the first in the franchise not to star the celebrated final girl Sydney Prescott.

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In an interview with Variety, Melissa Barrera expresses her support for the actress’s decision for her role in Netflix’s Keep Breathing. The star claims that she appreciated Neve Campbell’s opinion due to her self-experience as a woman of color, relating to times when she felt her investment in a project had been underestimated. She adds:


“It was shocking, but also, as a woman, I get it. Especially as a woman of color, I deal with that stuff all the time where I feel like they’re not paying me what I know that I’m worth. But usually, for me, I feel like it’s because I’m a Latina, and they don’t value us as much as white women. So if Neve being a white woman is feeling undervalued, that just goes to show how much of a problem it is in the industry. I applaud her sticking to what she believes in.”

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Why did Neve Campbell Leave Scream 6?

Neve Campbell leaves Scream franchise
Neve Campbell leaves the Scream franchise

Neve Campbell’s exit from Scream 6 is an unhappy situation, but Sidney is one of the few surviving characters from the original film to still be existing in the series as the heart of the sequel. However, Neve Campbell’s viewpoint is reasonable and justified. As one of the longtime franchises continues, she deserves to receive a salary that fits with her significance, rather than beholding treatment that she confesses male leads wouldn’t receive.

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Scream 6 is going to release on 31 March 2023.


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