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“That was a problem for me”: 6 ft 2 in Ben Affleck Put the Fear of God in Overconfident Jennifer Garner in $78M Movie

"That was a problem for me": 6 ft 2 in Ben Affleck Put the Fear of God in Overconfident Jennifer Garner in $78M Movie

Before playing the most threatening and skilled Batman in live-action, Ben Affleck would find himself playing another Superhero in 2003’s Daredevil. Although the Marvel adaptation did fail to cement Affleck to the top, the movie did pave the way for his 13-year-long relationship with Jennifer Garner, as the two would eventually tie the knot before parting ways in 2018.

Although working alongside Garner in Daredevil was a fun experience for the actor, Affleck did initially struggle with the action sequences with Garner, who was playing the role of Elektra in the film. However, it wouldn’t be long before Affleck would master the choreography and rise above.

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Ben Affleck as Daredevil
Ben Affleck as Daredevil

It didn’t take long before Ben Affleck outshined Jennifer Garner in the action department

Considering that Jennifer Garner already had substantial experience choreographing fighting sequences in Alias, she did have a massive advantage in crafting the action scenes in Daredevil. Although Ben Affleck initially struggled to match Garner’s level, according to the actress, it wasn’t long before the BVS star would master the choreography for the fighting sequences. Even though she got a little overconfident at the beginning, Affleck would soon master the skills and even outperformed the actress in crafting some fighting scenes. Garner recalled,

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“I had a year of Alias under my belt as boot camp where I fought every couple of days and so I came in, probably, more confident than Ben. But the annoying thing was how quickly he caught up. I, I was a little bit cocky after the first couple of days and then all of a sudden he was kind of crushing me and that, that was a problem for me.”

But despite the initial tension between the two while crafting the action sequences together, the duo would spend quality time on the sets of the film, which eventually strengthen their bond.

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Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner created a beautiful vibe on the sets of Daredevil

Although the two stars initially came across each other in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor, it wasn’t until 2003’s Daredevil before the two would become fond of each other. Following their time together on the sets of the Marvel flick, the director of the film recalled that both Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck created a beautiful vibe on the sets and helped him in finishing the project. He said,


“It was a wonderful shoot. We were on the rooftops of downtown L.A. or in New York City late at night, and it was just fun. It was its own world that you create around it. Even though there was a lot of pressure on me [as the director], there was an incredible on-set vibe.”

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Daredevil (2003)
Daredevil (2003)

But despite having a great time working on the film, Daredevil wouldn’t live up to the expectations and was bashed by the critics upon its release. And since its release, the movie has kind of lost into obscurity, with the actors moving forward to bigger and better things.

Daredevil is available to stream on Apple TV.

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