“That was a very rude question to ask”: Henry Cavill Got Annoyed Still Kept His Calm Over a Bizarre Question on Superman’s Costume in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill Got Annoyed Still Kept His Calm Over a Bizarre Question on Superman's Costume in Man of Steel
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It is hard not to be wholesomely pleased watching Henry Cavill making a statement by simply walking away from an interview. The magnitude of respect and power that a person must hold to be able to do that and draw praise rather than criticism is once again reiterated in the entire personality of the Man of Steel star. A gentleman through and through – it is proven in acts that are minute and infinitesimal. And it was while doing press for the red carpet premiere event of the 2013 DCEU film that Cavill managed to show how the media could often cross the blurry line that separates curiosity from being flat-out inappropriate for the sake of content. He didn’t dignify the occasion with a reply.

Henry Cavill at the Man of Steel premiere
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill Proves Hollywood Doesn’t Corrupt Everyone

Sometime between 2013 and the next decade, the Man of Steel actor had somehow become the living, breathing soul of an entire franchise and the billion-strong fandom that accompanied it. The monument that was built in his name still survives, like a shrine to a fallen martyr, as Henry Cavill once again politely and with dignity bows out of a franchise that needs a Superman but does not want him. But when it had all started, Cavill made it seem easy to fluidly move through the layers of drama, pressure, anxiety, and instability that DC faced and he did it all with grace.

Henry Cavill at the MoS European premiere
Henry Cavill at Man of Steel‘s European premiere

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During the premiere of Man of Steel, it was customary for the actor to face the press and ingratiate them with replies before heading inside for the premiere. All was fine until a reporter managed to ask him a question that Cavill immediately disregarded because of how inappropriate it was. “No socks needed downstairs for the reveal?” he was asked, which seems infinitely more insensitive, especially when one realizes how Henry Cavill was talking about Mark Twight and others training him “within an inch of [his] life and they sort of gave [him] a bit of confidence to wear the suit.”

Not quite understanding at first, perhaps he thought he mistook the question or heard it wrong, Cavill had to ask the reporter to repeat himself. When he realized what was being asked, the actor’s face went through a series of reactions – shock, confusion, annoyance, even disappointment at a certain level – before he chose to frown a little, say no, smile, and walk away.


Henry Cavill Stands Tall Amid All the Superman Drama

Some actors would have participated in the debate by calling out whoever was responsible for allowing the DCU situation to progress so far before being given the boot, but not Henry Cavill. Instead, the actor types out Shakespearean letters to his fans via social media, softly breaking the news, sounding hopeful even amid tragedy, and being thankful for the time he had been given instead of angry about what was taken away.

Henry Cavill out the door after James Gunn takes over DC
Henry Cavill is out the door after James Gunn takes over DC

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The Superman saga within and outside of DCEU played out like a half-a-decade-long season of reality television. When the finale was delivered and the fandom reeled in the aftermath of the euphoria and the crash-and-burn, Henry Cavill kept the peace with his sympathetically-worded message. His fans always listened and they would always understand. Now, DCU plans to steamroll ahead on the backs of a decimated universe by introducing a younger Superman, being penned currently by James Gunn.


Henry Cavill, in the meantime, moves past the shadow of Netflix and Warner Bros. by signing a multi-year deal with Amazon Studios to executive produce and star in the live-action adaptation of the tabletop game, Warhammer 40,000. He fully intends on expanding and erecting a Warhammer Cinematic Universe that will honor the source material and appreciate creativity over studio politics.

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