“That’s all acting is”: Michael Douglas’ Risky Realization Shut His Father Down Who Called Him a Terrible Actor Growing Up

Michael Douglas had an epiphany after trying out method acting

michael douglas’ risky realization shut his father down who called him a terrible actor growing up


  • Michael Douglas never intended to become an actor, so much so that even his father did not approve of the profession.
  • He had terrible stage fright, thinking that lying to the camera was not something he was capable of.
  • That was until someone told him about method acting, only for him to later realise that lying to the camera was a common trait for him that was not so harmful.
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Michael Douglas is an actor known for roles in all forms of genres. From romance to action and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has indulged in movies that explore his talent in the best possible manner. His spotlight in the Hollywood industry is not one that cannot be avoided. From one big role to another, he is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

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Hank Pym's Michael Douglas
Hank Pym’s Michael Douglas

Growing up, he did not always see himself as an actor in the future. Even when he picked theatre as a major to pursue, he suffered with a great many obstacles. In that manner, he even saw the light and dark in his own manner of acting. That was until he discovered method acting. A technique that later proved his father wrong.


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Michael Douglas was Relieved After Discovering Method Acting

Speaking with The Vulture, Michael Douglas revealed that things had been rather horrid when he first started off with acting. He would often be scared away from the camera because of terrible stage fright. So much so that he needed a bin outside of the set so that he could hurl his guts out of it because of anxiety.

Michael Douglas in the MCU
Michael Douglas in the MCU

For a long time I had a lot of stage fright, and I was very intimidated by the camera. Early on, someone made the mistake of telling me that the camera can always tell when you’re lying.”

When he first came to the idea of acting, he was rather unsure. Even his father was hesitant to let him into the profession. However, it was one idea, or more so an epiphany that completely changed his perspective towards the profession.

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Michael Douglas was Saved by Method Acting

Michael Douglas explained while talking to the Vulture that it was when someone introduced him to the art of method acting that things began changing for him. He saw the perspective of how it is not as if the camera can catch any lies but how well can one tell those lies.

Michael Douglas Wall Street
Michael Douglas in Wall Street (1987)

“I was like, Oh my God! So I turned into a method actor for a while, and then one day I realized, Wait a minute, I lie every day, and there’s no thunder or lightning coming down and striking me. Acting is about lying. That’s all acting is. And that eureka moment changed things around a lot for me.”

He saw method acting as a manner of not lying to the camera. However, he later came to terms with the fact that lying to the camera was more of a normality than anything else.


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