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“That’s kinda embarrassing”: Avatar Re-release Earns More Than Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling, Fans Say It’s Time to Worry For WB

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Day by day it feels like Warner Bros had made a pact with the devil so as to be allowed to cancel the upcoming Batgirl movie, and it seems like the devil has cursed WB of redeeming themselves too. A comparison between Don’t Worry Darling‘s box office earnings with a re-release of a James Cameron movie says it all.

Don’t Worry Darling has been plagued with its own problems that are separate from WB’s problems, but it did earn an impressive $3.1 million on its opening day. However, the re-release of Cameron’s revolutionary CGI movie Avatar has earned more than Olivia Wilde’s psychological thriller, and it’s speaking volumes for WB.

Don't Worry Darling FandomWire
A still from Don’t Worry Darling

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Don’t Worry Darling’s Fared Pretty Bad Against A Re-Released Avatar, WB In Trouble?

The re-release of Cameron’s Avatar, with remastered sound and picture, was coincidentally released on the same day as Don’t Worry Darling. 

The release has come prior to the screening of its long-awaited sequel Avatar: The Way of Water, and if the re-release did this well then maybe the sequel will have a fair chance at taking on the MCU’s dominance at the box office.

Don't Worry Darling FandomWire
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Coming to the main point, despite there being much anticipation about Olivia Wilde’s new psychological thriller which even features two of the most popular names of the time, – Harry Styles and Florence Pugh-, the remastered version of Avatar has earned more than Wilde’s latest movie.

The peeps at WB should be taking this seriously, as Black Adam is their only upcoming project for October that is planned for an international release, and the way that DWD just fared could be a foretelling of Black Adam‘s box office stats.

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Fans Think It’s Time For Warner Bros. To Start Worrying

The embarrassing stats difference between the re-released Avatar and Don’t Worry Darling’s box office record should spark worry among the main peeps at Warner Bros., and fans undoubtedly agree.

The cancelation of the highly-anticipated Batgirl and the shelving of numerous fan-favorite shows from HBO Max wasn’t very well received by DC fans as well as those who were watching the now-removed TV shows. So WB does indeed have a lot of catching up to do.

Don't Worry Darling FandomWire
A still from Don’t Worry Darling

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Twitter has now picked up on the news of Don’t Worry Darling‘s awkward defeat to a re-release at the box office, and they’ve made WB their laughing stock-

They’re in one hell of a deep trench-

WB should start worrying –

A sound statement-

It is-

Will WB be able to bounce back from such a negative setback? Black Adam is their earliest shot at a redemption arc and despite The Rock’s (as well as WB’s) over-the-top promotional work, WB still has to watch out for another blunder at the box office.

Don’t Worry Darling was released in theaters on September 23, 2022, and is currently being screened at all major movie theaters.

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