“That’s nonsense, it wasn’t true”: Lynda Carter Vouched for Sandra Bullock to Play Wonder Woman After Debunking Claims That She Found Her Too Old for the Role

Lynda Carter seems to have entangled her words regarding her take on Sandra Bullock as Wonder Woman!

lynda carter and sandra bullock


  • Lynda Carter was initially reported to have called Sandra Bullock "too old" for the role in the late 2000s when a new live-action version of Wonder Woman was in discussions.
  • Carter was also reported to have expressed a preference for a younger and fresher face to play the superhero.
  • However, Carter later debunked these reports, clarifying that she had actually supported Sandra Bullock as a great choice for Wonder Woman.
  • Carter even highlighted Bullock's strength, femininity, and suitability perfect for the character's accessibility.
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Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman has, no doubt, been one of the most favorite characters from the DC Universe, and nearly everyone who has played her to date has been widely loved in the role. One of the actresses who played her was actress Lynda Carter, who turned out to be so greatly endearing to both fans and critics that she is closely identified with the character to date.

Wonder Woman in the comics.
Wonder Woman in the comics.

Being widely regarded as the most accurate Diana Prince, she gave her opinions on who the next person could be to carry on the superheroine’s legacy. Surprisingly enough, she was reported to have called Sandra Bullock “too old” for the role. However, Carter later on not only debunked these reports but also claimed she had even vouched for the actress to play the DC superhero.

Lynda Carter Reportedly Called Sandra Bullock “Too Old” to Play Wonder Woman

Back in the late 2000s, a whole new live-action version of Wonder Woman was expected to debut on the big screens soon, with multiple actresses under speculation on who could best suit the role. One of these names was that of The Mask of Zorro actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones.


The other name, in the meanwhile, was that of fans’ very own favorite, Sandra Bullock. Needless to say, both of these actresses were strong contenders to score the role among fans. However, one other actress reportedly seemed to find faults in their casting.

Sandra Bullock. | Credit: djtomdog/Wikimedia Commons.
Sandra Bullock. | Credit: djtomdog/Wikimedia Commons.

This was none other than Lynda Carter, the actress who is still greatly remembered as one of the best and most accurate portrayers of the DC superheroine to date. And as per her reported words in an interview, she found both of these actresses “too old” to play the superhero.

As per what The Guardian originally reported Carter to have told reporters in Los Angeles:


“I think it should be an unknown and about 20 years old… People have talked about Bullock… she’s too old and so is Catherine Zeta-Jones.”

Lynda Carter as Diana Prince in her TV series.Lynda Carter as Diana Prince in her TV series.
Lynda Carter as Diana Prince in her iconic TV series.

Considering what these words are seamlessly implying, Carter felt “someone fresh” should take on the role while she herself reportedly expressed the desire to score a role in the Hollywood adaptation of the superheroine’s story in the talk.

But while she did end up bagging the role of Asteria in Gal Gadot‘s 2020 solo sequel on the fan-favorite character more than a decade later, Carter also cleared the air on these reports later on, even claiming that she had vouched for Bullock to score the role of Diana Prince.

Lynda Carter Claims She Vouched for Sandra Bullock as Wonder Woman

While those reports from The Guardian were something, Express.co.uk later reported that Carter claimed to have never called Bullock “too old” for the role and that her words were simply misunderstood. If anything, she found Bullock’s casting to be “a great idea.”


As per what Express.co.uk reports her to have told Good Morning LA:

“There was an idea that Bullock should play Wonder Woman and I think it’s a great idea. She’s exactly the kind of a personality [required to play her].”

Carter as Asteria in Wonder Woman 1984.
Carter as Asteria in Wonder Woman 1984.

As for debunking all of those reports, Carter reportedly said:

“Somehow it got messed around that I had said she was too old. That’s nonsense, it wasn’t true. She’s strong and feminine. And [Diana Prince] has to be accessible.”

Well, we’re sorry to say, but even if that was what she truly meant to express through her words, it doesn’t seem to have worked, considering how not only did Bullock not get the role, but the latest one to have played her was Gal Gadot.


Still, fans can stream Carter’s Wonder Woman series from the 1970s on Max.


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