“That’s not something you expect to find in such an intellectual thinker”: Harrison Ford Heaps Praise on Taylor Sheridan While Filming Yellowstone Spin-off ‘1923’, Reveals What Makes Writer-Director Such a Rare Genius

Harrison Ford Heaps Praise on Taylor Sheridan While Filming Yellowstone Spin-off ‘1923’, Reveals What Makes Writer-Director Such a Rare Genius
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At the Hollywood premiere event of Taylor Sheridan’s 1923, the actors were all gaga over the director’s prowess in the portrayal of socio-historical complexities shaping human emotions and frayed intergenerational relations. The creator of Yellowstone, who now has expanded his already ambitious narrative by now delivering a star-studded prequel storyline, was visibly absent from the ceremonial affair. The ensemble cast, however, filled that Taylor Sheridan-shaped hole in the evening’s premiere gala by singing unending praises of the writer and director.

Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan

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1923 Creator Taylor Sheridan Impresses Hollywood A-Listers

Taylor Sheridan has become a legend in his own right owing to his bright career as the creator of such great works as Tulsa King1883, and Mayor of Kingstown, and for his association with critically acclaimed projects such as Sicario, Sons of Anarchy, and Wind River. But it is his latest addition to what is now beginning to be called the ‘Sheridan Universe’, i.e. 1923 that has brought the potential of the writer-director to the forefront of Hollywood’s crowded and genre-saturated haze.


Among the cast were veteran actors of the caliber of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and they could simply let a sentence pass without singing Sheridan’s praise. To The Hollywood Reporter, Ford claimed,

“He’s an incredible horseman. He’s a genuine athlete, and that’s something you might not expect to find in such a talented writer and intellectual thinker.”

Harrison Ford in 1923
Harrison Ford in 1923

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Helen Mirren, who plays Cara Dutton to Ford’s Jacob Dutton in the Western drama, went on to add,


He presents the script, and it’s so extraordinary that you don’t want to change a word. You want to do it exactly as it’s written because it’s written with incredible precision but without being labored… There’s nothing else quite like it.”

Others from the cast added to those compliments claiming how Taylor Sheridan has a keen awareness of presenting the human condition by giving each character a unique storyline, for recognizing actors not by their resume but if they are right for the role, by writing scripts that are almost reflective of the brilliance of Coen Brothers and Tarantino, and for going a step further by bringing the cast together by collaborating what Marley Shelton claimed was a ‘Cowboy Camp’.

Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 Highlights the Early 20th Century

The complexities of the 20th century began within its early decades as the great economic depression and pandemic took over American society. Amid the chaos reigning over the West, the horizonless ranch families occupy the focal point in Taylor Sheridan’s visionary universe. Through his narrative, the Dutton family’s past comes alive and the universe that began with Yellowstone and continued in 1883, finds more historical context in the story’s dramatic development and struggling reality.

1923 featuring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton
1923 features Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton

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1923 also serves as the sequel to the similarly acclaimed 1883 that focused on the late 19th-century reality and witnessed the Dutton family escaping the clutches of poverty in the aftermath of the Civil War. Developed by Paramount+, 1923 will stand as the middle child of Sheridan’s expansive Western drama.

1923 premieres on December 18, 2022.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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