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‘The 2 guys who saved cinema box office didn’t show up’: Fans Brand Oscars as ‘Irrelevant’ After Tom Cruise, James Cameron Never Show Up to the Event

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The Oscars are the most prestigious international award that can be won by an artist in the film industry, and this award is known for its global recognition and the following it provides to an artist or a film that has won it. However, in recent years, the award organization has become an infamous association that is biased and does not give honor to deserving artists.

Oscars 2023

Moreover, James Cameron and Tom Cruise, are the two men who have given significant contributions to the film industry, even saving it after the industry was heavily affected by COVID-19. However, neither of the two men turned up for the 95th Academy Awards, fans were quick to notice this and immediately showed their resentment towards the organization on Twitter.

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Fans Believe the Oscars Have Lost its Prestige

When James Cameron and Tom Cruise, the two men who were credited with saving Hollywood cinema, were absent from the 2023 Oscars, despite being nominated for a category. Fans were quick to go on Twitter and express their resentment toward the awards show which has grown to be so biased that the two biggest names in the industry were disinterested to join them.

A viewer stated how the Oscars are not important, but having the cinema experience is important.

Another user believes that James Cameron and Tom Cruise did the right thing to skip the show because their movies were exceptional and ‘saved’ cinema yet they were not worthy enough to be nominated for the Best Pictures category at Academy Awards.

Another user claims the Oscars is totally irrelevant.

Another user states that the Academy Awards are so irrelevant when the two men who saved the Hollywood film industry did not bother to show up.

Another user commented that the artists would rather please their audience than be a part of the show.

Lastly, a fan believes that the stardom of James Cameron and Tom Cruise does not need an Oscar to confirm their value.

Tom Cruise and James Cameron do not need an Academy Award to ascertain their value. But where were the saviors of Hollywood?

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Why Were Tom Cruise and James Cameron Absent from The Oscars?

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to Top Gun, and the sequel collected a massive $ 1.6 billion at the global Box Office. The film was a massive success, despite having signs of uncertainty, and the industry was still recovering from the global pandemic, but his film showcased that the audience would show up for the right kind of film. 

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Tom Cruise

However, the action star is busy and his representative confirmed that the actor is busy filming Mission Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part II, and Bruckheimer would accept the award if the film wins it.

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James Cameron

On the other hand, James Cameron’s magnum opus Avatar: The Way of Water, the third highest-grossing film at the Box Office was nominated for four categories but only won one, that is for Best Visual Effects. The filmmaker’s producing partner and fellow nominee told The New York Times, that the filmmaker is absent due to “personal reasons.” And he did not miss it because he was nominated for the Best Directors category Jimmy Kimmel said while hosting the show.

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