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‘The amount of diarrhea it causes is also adorable’: X-Men Star Jennifer Lawrence Gets Trolled after Calling Giardia – a Parasite That Causes Loose Motions – “Adorable”

'The amount of diarrhea it causes is also adorable': X-Men Star Jennifer Lawrence Gets Trolled after Calling Giardia - a Parasite That Causes Loose Motions - "Adorable"

There have been many celebrities in the past that have revealed some of their hobbies, pastimes, or manners which have ranged from normal to very weird, but the most bizarre of them all has to be The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, who has a pretty weird obsession with microscopic organisms, which she finds cute in a weird way.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

While some people like to watch some films or TV shows that they call their guilty pleasures, others like to create a collection of things that are niche and sometimes unappreciated. But Lawrence goes a step further and collects images of bacteria and parasites that she finds adorable, including one that causes diarrhea.

Jennifer Lawrence Loves To Find New Bacteria That She Calls Cute!

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from The Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence in a still from The Hunger Games

Known amongst her fans and audience as one of the most beautiful and talented actressess in the industry, the influence of Jennifer Lawrence has stretched worldwide with fans from all over the globe praising her performances. But what most of them might not have guessed is the fact that the star has a weird obsession as most people do, which relates to bacteria and parasites that cause severe physical illnesses, which she looks at with adornment in her eyes.

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During an old interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show, the X-Men star was having a conversation where she talked about how she was a Hypocondhriac and how she loves to keep herself on top of news related to medicine and health-related topics. While discussing this, she also revealed that she recently found a bacteria called Giardia, which is a parasite to be exact, that causes diarrhea, which she found quite adorable.

While talking about it, she said:

“You don’t Google Image bacteria, do you? There is this adorable bacteria. It’s called Giardia. He’s so cute, he looks like the Kool-Aid guy. Isn’t he cute?”

Watching Lawrence swooning over a microscopic organism was so weird and cute that fans couldn’t stop themselves from trolling her or loving her even more.

“why is she so likable it’s like once you see her in these interviews you want to keep watching her interviews i love her”

“”You don’t google image bacteria do you?” She said with a smirk on her face.”

“She is hilarious. Lol but Giardia isn’t a bacteria, it’s a parasite.”

“You’re not hypochondriacs anymore. You’re X-Men.”

Thus, she makes everyone she ever meets an instant friend thanks to her unbelievable sense of humor and friendly nature.

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What’s Next For Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Don't Look Up
Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Don’t Look Up

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No Hard Feelings, in cinemas on June 23, 2023

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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