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“The Avengers are pu**ies”: DC Star Dwayne Johnson Called the Avengers Cowards, Said Thanos Doesn’t Scare Black Adam

"The Avengers are pu**ies": DC Star Dwayne Johnson Called the Avengers Cowards, Said Thanos Doesn't Scare Black Adam

Ever since time immemorial, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Universe have been pitted against each other for the title of the best superhero universe. While fans obviously have their sides picked, actor Dwayne Johnson, too, has a team he wholeheartedly supports.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

It shouldn’t take much thought to know that Dwayne Johnson is, of course, Team DCU. To be fair, he is a part of the universe after all! The actor was recently seen in and as Black Adam which was his DCU debut. However, it looks like The Rock has something to say about the superheroes on the other side, the Avengers. Apparently, he believes the Avengers are cowards and that Thanos wouldn’t stand a chance if he were a DCU villain – the superheroes would shred him to pieces!

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Dwayne Johnson Roasts the MCU’s Avengers

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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In an older interview, Dwayne Johnson talked about the Avengers which include powerful superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and so on. In the interview, he was asked if Thanos, the supervillain Mad Titan from the MCU scares him. Johnson answered the question in a negative. Thanos absolutely doesn’t scare The Rock! Continuing his answer he stated that while the Avengers were his buddies, they were also “pu**ies.”

Here’s the thing with the Avengers. So you ask if Thano, what? How do you call the name? If Thanos would scare me? Here’s the thing with the Avengers. They’re all my buddies. They’re pu**ies, that’s the thing.”

Johnson continued putting the Avengers on blast stating that there were zero tough Avengers, before praising DC.

The Avengers? No, you know who’s tough in the Avengers? None of them! DC in the house! You know what I am saying.”

This was just friendly banter on Johnson’s side as we have seen the guy praise Marvel many times through his words. But yes, when it comes to picking sides, it looks like Johnson is sticking with the DCU.

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Could Dwayne Johnson be Jumping Universes?

Dwayne Johnson as black adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

At the moment, Johnson’s Black Adam franchise seems to be going nowhere. The actor had tweeted that while DCU’s near future does not have anything Black Adam related, there have been discussions about “exploring” ways the antihero could be featured in the future.

Now, Johnson has a few options. He could either sit around and wait for a turn to play a superpowered character, or he could simply walk into the Marvel Studios, ditching DCU. According to a report by Giant Freakin Robot, it looks like the latter option isn’t too far-fetched either.

According to their sources, Johnson is in “advanced talks with Marvel Studios” to join the universe. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had previously expressed that he would love it if Johnson would someday be a part of MCU. If the reports are true, Johnson is going to have a lot of fans confused this time around. Is his loyalty to DCU challenged? And more importantly, will he finally be team MCU? We can only wait for the answers.

You can stream Johnson’s DCU debut, Black Adam, on HBO Max.

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