The Batman: 10 Reasons This Amazingly Underrated Animated Show Is Better Than You Remember

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Airing from 2004 till 2008, The Batman is viewed by many as the least loved Batman series. Here’s why we believe the show gets unnecessary hatred.


The Super Addictive Intro Theme

A TV show could be just average. But if it has a really good intro theme, it can be pushed to near legendary and iconic status. The Batman had probably one of the best intro themes of its time. It was composed by Edge from U2. The first two seasons used the very same theme. The music was an ear-worm and when juxtaposed with bat noises, it was a memorable one.


Renewed Focus On The Bat-Family

The Batman was a series about not just Bruce Wayne. For the first time, a show wantonly focused on character development of the members of the Bat Family. Granted Batman: The Animated Series had already done it. But it was The Batman that pursued an active interest in highlighting the stories of heroes working with Batman rather than Batman himself.

Unlike BTAS, It Aimed At World-Building


Batman as a lone wolf crime fighter is a tried and tested formula. People like seeing him wage his one man war on crime and evil. But comic book fans would know that when push comes to shove, Batman is also an incredible team player. Over the years, Batman has made friends and forged partnerships with all kinds of heroes. The Batman highlighted those connections when they introduced heroes like the Green Lantern and Superman in latter seasons.

The Action Sequences

Batman: the Animated Series aired during a time animation was not as developed as it was in 2004. The Batman exploited the advancements in animation technology to give us truly gripping fight scenes that remain entertaining to this day.


Classic Batman Villains But With A Twist

Batman shows tend to reinvent classic Batman villains or invent new ones. Mister Freeze’s origin story was totally changed in Batman: The Animated Series. And that’s what got the show its Emmy nomination. The Batman tried to follow on those footsteps by giving a twist to classic villains. The most memorable example is the Joker. While some fans hate this Joker version, you have to admit it was a bold take.

A Younger Batman

The show focused on the days when Bruce Wayne was still figuring out how to be Batman. Batman, as a vigilante, was still green around the edges. This made for a compelling story arc. This was a Batman who made grave mistakes, learned from them, and was still struggling to maintain a life of duality.


One Of The Coolest Batmobile Designs Ever

The Batmobile is probably the most iconic Batman trademark after the Batarang. The tank design was gaining a lot of popularity back then. So the animators and designers merged the tank design with Batman’s original long bodied Batmobile design from BTAS to give us an absolute masterpiece.

It Tried Challenging The Status Quo


The Batman dared to go where no superhero show had gone before. Batman: The Animated Series pushed boundaries within the realms of conventionalism. The Batman tried to be very unorthodox and unconventional in its stories. They introduced Batgirl as Batman’s sidekick before Robin came into the picture. The Batman reveals experiments don’t always bear fruits but they are certainly intriguing to watch.

Gave Alfred The Respect He Deserved

Alfred is not just a butler. That was the notion many failed to infer after watching Batman: the Animated Series. The Batman’s Alfred was fundamental in making Bruce the Batman he is today. He was crucial in providing information to Batman when needed through his earpiece. He could also fight since he is a former British agent well-versed in martial arts.


Unique Character Designs

People trash the character designs, claiming they have no place in Batman mythos or the DC universe. But many others think that the unique character designs were what made The Batman so refreshing to watch. Granted it was not what we expected but isn’t being unpredictable also a part of show business?


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