The Batman: Each & Every Batsuit Ability Shown In The Movie, Explained

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The Batman gave us one of the most unique and freshest takes on the Batsuit. Everytime Robert Pattinson was wearing the Batsuit, we knew something big was going to happen. Matt Reeves spared no expense, working tirelessly with the costume designers to come up with a Batsuit design that went beyond all expectations.


Robert Pattinson‘s Batsuit comes loaded with unique abilities and features. Some of those Batsuit abilities have already been seen in previous films. Some are completely new. But most importantly, the Pattinson Batman suit makes the Dark knight the human equivalent of Chuck Norris of the DC Universe.

The Batman: Every Batsuit Ability
Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Why is this Batsuit so special, you ask? Well because it has fully utilized everything at Bruce Wayne‘s disposal. It has ended up making Bruce Wayne a walking juggernaut. And here are the features that make us we love it even more.


SPOILER ALERT For The Batman. What at your own risk!!!

The Video-Camera Contact Lenses In The Batsuit Cowl

The Batman: Each & Every Batsuit Ability
Video Camera Contact Lenses in The Batman

This was probably the single most important gadget in the entire Batman arsenal. The video-camera contacts allowed Batman to go through every single piece of footage every time he put on the mask. Since the Batman is still human (and bit of a rookie in the movie), he would need time to review the evidence.

In Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne used several visual aid devices laced into his cowl. In Matt Reeves’ iteration, the only visual aid devices he uses are the special contact lenses. He can even put it onto someone else and send that person in as a mole, recording everything in real-time.


The Taser Gloves That Send Out High Voltage Electricity

The Batman: Each & Every Batsuit Feature
The Batman – High Voltage Taser Gloves

This taser glove is simple yet brutal. The Batman is but one man. Against an army of thugs and criminals, Bruce Wayne has to play dirty to level the playing field. In order to dish out ruthless and brutal pain to the thugs, the Batman punches almost everyone to near death but leaves them right at the verge of death. One unlucky criminal ends up getting electrocuted by Batman’s taser gloves.

There’s No Batman Without His Trusty Grapple Gun

The Batsuit Grapple Gun
The Batsuit Grapple Gun

From escaping from the cops of an entire police precinct to knocking down individual opponents with pinpoint accuracy, the Batsuit grappling hook is a force of nature if used properly. The Batman shows Pattinson’s Bruce still uses propulsive wired guns. You can see from the movie that The Batman just loves using this gadget as many times as possible.

The Batsuit Now Has Godlike Invulnerability

The Batman Bulletproof Batsuit
The Batman Fight Scene

Every Batsuit scene in the past had some kind of design flaw. Ben Affleck’s Batman used a Bat-armor suit in BVS that sacrificed mobility for power and speed. Christian Bale’s Batsuit was more mobile but had little to no defense against bladed and closed range weapons.


Pattinson’s Batsuit ignores all design flaws. It is totally fireproof and bulletproof, even able to take on some truly fatal blunt force damage and still leave Bruce Wayne breathing. This in turn allows the Batman to use Blunt-Force tactics to its fullest.

The Batman Can Fly (Well…..Almost)

The Batman Can Fly
The Batman GCPD

While many fans see the cape as cumbersome and a liability, Matt Reeves shows us how he has ensured even the cape of the suit aids the batman practically instead of just being an aesthetic adjustment.

While trying to escape the cops of the GCPD, the Batman takes to the roof of the building and jumps. An electric device somehow morphs the cape into a flying squirrel like jumpsuit. Batsy waltzes around the Gotham skyscrapers and uses a parachute to break his fall.


The Mystery Antidote That Saves Batman & Catwoman

The Batman: Magic Antidote
The Batman – Robert Pattinson

The Batsuit also hides a mystery serum or drug of some sort. When the last Riddler good is about to kill Catwoman at the very end of the movie, a shell-shocked Batman must use this magic drug. He whips it out of his arsenal and injects it into a tiny opening built into the Batsuit just for the occasion.

Some say it was just adrenaline. Some claim it was Narcan. We would like to believe it was ‘Venom’, the drug a famous Batman villain called Bane uses in the comic books.


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