The Batman: Iconic Batsuits We Hope To See Next

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Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit made heads turn every time he made an appearance on screen as the Batman. With the plans for The Batman 2 officially confirmed, there are other legendary batsuits we hope to see next. These batsuits come straight from the comic books. Some are realistic enough to fit into the grounded world of Reeves’ Bat-Verse. Some may need a little bit of rehashing to fit the bill.


Arkham City Batsuit

The Batman Iconic Batsuits
Batman: Arkham City

As far as live action movies go, whatever the Rocksteady Arkham-Verse has is ripe for the taking. For example, the iconic Arkham City Batsuit has one hell of a design. The only downside the suit’s design has is the underpants worn outside. Everything else screams Jim Lee. The suit easily compliments a guy like Batman’s bulkier physique. The cowl also plays a huge role in making it one of the most iconic batsuits. The Arkham City Batman looks fiercer and scarier than normal. The extra long ears along with that trademark scowl make this suit one of the best batsuits there is. Robert Pattinson could easily bulk up for The Batman 2 and wear this version of the batsuit.

Jim Lee Batsuit

The Batman Iconic Batsuits
The Legendary Jim Lee Batsuit

No other writer has come so close to nailing the essence of the batsuit like Jim Lee has. His artwork has expanded upon the Batman universe and created many hauntingly delightful works. Jim Lee’s base design for the batsuit remains the same. But it is his eerie use of contrasting colors that gives his batsuit such an unprecedented vibe. Another incredible thing about the Jim Lee batsuit is how proportionate and calculated everything is. The belt is just the right size as well as the Bat symbol on the chest. Even the cape is just the right length. The thin blue hue certainly adds to suit’s grandeur. Costume design technology has grown by leaps and bounds and could easily replicate the Jim Lee batsuit for live-action today.


The Suit Of Sorrows

The Batman Epic Batsuits
Suit of Sorrows

Comparatively one of the most recently revealed Batsuits, the Suit of Sorrows has an ancient origin story. It was created in the year 1190 during the Crusades and given to Geoffrey de Cantonna. Cantonna was thought to be pure of heart but the suit still drove him insane and the suit was later retrieved by the Order of Purity for safekeeping. Talia al Ghul gave the suit to Batman. Wearing the suit gave Batman superhuman speed and strength. Realizing the suit is corrupting him just like Geoffrey de Cantonna, he gave up the suit later. While the mystical element would be hard to replicate in The Batman 2, the suit itself has a very iconic design that can easily be brought into the Reeves’ Bat-Verse.

The Thrasher Suit

The Batman Epic Batsuits
Thrasher Batsuit

Batman designed the Thrasher suit for two purposes – all-purpose defense against everything, from extreme weather conditions to blunt force trauma. To top it off, this batsuit came up during the famous Court of Owls storyline. The Court of Owls have been theorized to have already been hinted upon in The Batman. The Batman 2 could bring the Thrasher suit, one of the most powerful batsuits that played a major role in helping Batman take down the Court’s Talons.

Batman Incorporated

The Batman Legendary Batsuits
Batman Incorporated

Taking cues from multiple Batman eras, the Batman Incorporated costume is one of the most legendary batsuits that has probably the most unique origin story. The batman incorporated suit came into existence after Bruce Wayne decided to ‘franchise’ the Batman mantle. The most dominating feature of the suit was obviously the yellow Bat symbol. The trunks were removed and advanced technology was used to showcase the high-tech lighted symbol. It is one of the few Batsuits that makes full usage of the vast Wayne Enterprises resources.



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