The Batman Prequel Novel Reveals A Superman Connection


Matt Reeves had a vision for The Batman; he did not want it to sink into the continuity. So he created a new world away from DC’s Extended Universe. The new film too is expected to be the same, with no connection to any other DC character. But the prequel book, Before The Batman: An Original Movie Novel by David Lewman, revealed a major Superman connection. 

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Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel reveals a major connection with Superman

In an attempt to get away from the public and his wealthy family, continuing The Batman’s story, Bruce goes on to become a street-racer. The Wayne heir enjoys the speed and the thrill of speed racing, and it leads him to Dex, a female rider. He develops a crush on her. He would save her from a crash, pretending to be a guy named Paul. They part ways after that, but after years they would run into each other.


The Plot Thickens

Batman finds supplier of explosive gel

Bruce discovers that Dex is a dealer, selling explosive gel to criminals in Gotham. He joins her to find out who the supplier of this gel is. He is expected to be linked with the mob of Penguin and Carmine Falcone. Bruce aims to capture the culprit, with the help of the police. He also helps Dex out of the situation and frees her dad from jail – who was framed by some gangster to be a transporter. 

Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor exists in the Batman World

When all that is done, Bruce, in disguise, goes to bid farewell to Dex, who received financial help from the Wayne trust. That is when she mentions the name of something related to the Man of Steel’s supervillain. She says that Metropolis is an option for her to restart her life and she would work as a mechanic for LexCorp’s racing team. 

Batman could meet the new version of Man of Steel

This has marked a connection between two worlds. Lex Luthor existing in the Batman world ties the world of Superman with his. And here Lex has a business that operates a racing team, and with Bruce’s love for cars and speed, this could be more than an Easter egg for the fans. It could lead to the two characters meeting, as Bruce has been a bother to Lex. Many Easter Eggs related to Superman and Wonder Woman have been spotted on The Batman’s set. It could now mean that there is a chance that the Caped Crusader interacts with the new Man of Steel.

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