The Batman: DC Characters Fans Want In The Planned Matt Reeves Trilogy

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman trilogy has been long-awaited. Since last year, fans have been waiting to see Reeves’ version of the Caped Crusader, and it’s finally releasing in March. The story in this movie will follow the superhero’s second year of fighting crime in Gotham and working with Jim Gordan. By the looks of it, the movie seems promising, and we can’t wait to see one of our favorite superheroes again. So far, the first movie in the trilogy will have characters like Penguin, Catwoman, and Alfred. But now fans are wondering which other characters should be there in the Matt Reeves trilogy.


1. Damian Wayne: There are many Robins in the DC universe, and most iterations are loved by the fans. Nonetheless, no Batman trilogy can be complete without Robin in it. So fans are hoping to see Damian Wayne as Robin in the trilogy, especially since the movie will show us a younger Batman.

Damian Wayne The Batman
Fans are hoping to see Damian Wayne as Robin in the trilogy

2. Dick Grayson: He is one of the most popular characters from comic books. Fans absolutely love him and his and Batman’s pair. However, Grayson’s story has never got the justice it deserved in the movies. Fans are hoping that this trilogy will bring the spotlight to this character and to all the amazing things about him.

Dick Grayson The Batman
Grayson’s story has never got the justice it deserved in the movies

3. Talia al Ghul: If there’s an introduction of Damian Wayne, then it won’t be surprising to see Talia al Ghul too. She’s his mother, and her portrayal in the movie could be fascinating to watch. Fans are wondering, if she makes it into the plot, what way would she be portrayed, a villain or a love interest. Either way, it would be cracking to see her give Batman a tough time.

This Just Happened: An al Ghul Family Reunion | DC
Talia al Ghul is Damian’s mother and her portrayal in the movie could be interesting to watch

4. Leslie Thompkins: So far, Batman movies have shown us Wayne’s parents murder like a hundred times. We hope, this time, we won’t see the murder, but still, their death will play an important role. After their death, however, Leslie Thompkins’ introduction as a guide will add another depth to the story. From the trailer, it has become clear that Bruce and Alfred have some issues. So having Thompkins around could help the young Bruce.

Leslie Thompkins The Batman
Leslie Thompkins’ introduction as a guide

5. Hugo Strange: The DC Universe has given Bruce Wayne many weird villains with unique abilities. But an addition like Hugo Strange as a villain to the plot is more realistic and dark. His presence as a villain has reoccurred in the comics, animations, and games, but not in the movies. So his obsession with finding Batman’s true identity in the Reeves trilogy sounds perfect to us.

Hugo Strange
His presence as a villain has reoccurred in the comics

6. The Court of Owls: They were the nastiest and most cruel residents Gotham city had ever seen. When Bruce finds out the havoc they have been creating, he decides to fight them. Talons or The Court of Owls are reality-based villains, and thus, have a perfect place in The Batman trilogy.

Court of Owls
The Court of Owls

7. Dr. Thomas Elliot: Dr. Elliot, aka Hush, is one of the Batman villains. He wasn’t around for very long but had a deep history and a place in Batman’s origin. Thomas was Batman’s childhood friend, but he went too far to gain independence. He killed his parents, but Thomas Wayne saves Thomas’ mother, and there begins his resentment towards Bruce Wayne.

Dr. Thomas Elliot
Dr. Thomas Elliot



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