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“The Batman>>>>all comic book projects this year”: DC Fans Secure Rare Win as Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Becomes Highest Rated 2022 Superhero Movie

Robert Pattinson Batman movie

Matt Reeves’s The Batman at DCU has won over the internet as the newest revelations at Rotten Tomatoes, the entrusted film critic website has mapped out the biggest hits and the worst flops of this year’s comic book movies. But even without the aid of the RT scores, Robert Pattinson’s debut as the caped crusader has been critically and commercially hailed as one of the best standalone Batman movies ever made.

The Batman
The Batman (2022)

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As the year comes to a close, the film and tv series have now been rounded up with some surprising revelations and a few predictable wins.

The Batman Wins the CBM Fair as Highest-Rated Film of ’22

Matt Reeves’s debut in the DC franchise universe has been one riddled with high expectations and soaring fan adrenaline. With a movie as cinematically brilliant as it was in its narrative, there remained little doubt as to The Batman‘s status and ranking when it came to rounding up all the CBM movies at 2022’s explosive end. Rotten Tomatoes critic rankings of all Marvel and DC movies place the Robert Pattinson-helmed movie as the indomitable chart-topper with an 85% rating and the fans are ecstatic about the validation.

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The year which began with Reeves’s dark knight taking on Gotham at its most formative and ended with the emotionally crippling Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been speckled with some massive disappointments in between. But it was made almost worth it amid the factory line production of MCU and the nerve-wracking controversies surrounding DC when some sense of satisfactory closure filtered in after 2022 ended with the closure of a chaotic Phase Four and a new regime at DCU in the hands of James Gunn.

What Makes The Batman‘s Narrative Best Among All CBM?

The Batman (2022)
Robert Pattinson as the titular crusader in The Batman

Amid so many changes reforming the CBM industry in Hollywood, fan enthusiasm still manages to remain constant whenever realism, tragedy, and brutality make a narrative work for reaching its plot’s climactic peak instead of simply delivering one on a platter. The Batman managed to do that when Reeves bound together several threads into Batman’s rise as a hero instead of giving the hero a linear narrative.

The Batman won in mass opinion when time and again the hero was cornered and yet he rose with his fists raised and his wits sharpened. The story pools together slippery cat burglars with hidden pasts, the Penguin matching the Batman in his crazy car stunts around the city’s crime-riddled streets, Falcone driving the final nail in the coffin by answering the question that has haunted DC fans for years — who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne and why? — and a Thomas Wayne who was not as pure as the fandom (and Bruce) would’ve liked to believe.

The Batman Matt Reeves
Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson on The Batman set

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Amid the multifaceted plot points that finally made The Batman an incomparable cinematic masterpiece, there was also the Riddler terrorizing Gotham City, taunting and targeting Batman specifically, and by the end of what seemed like a haunting 2 hours, the aptly named dark knight rose as the savior from the submerged ruins of a fallen Gotham. And in that, Robert Pattinson’s superhero arc was a phenomenon in its sensational entirety.

The Batman is now available for streaming on Prime Video.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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