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The Boys: 5 DC Villains They Can Defeat (& 5 Villains Who Will Annihilate Them)

Eric Kripe’s The Boys premiered last year on Amazon Prime Video to thunderous widespread acclaim. Adapted from Garth Ennis’ graphic novel of the same name, The Boys is a much more realistic and darker take on the superhero genre.

In the show, the superheroes shown are marketed as idealistic and heroic. But in reality, they reek of moral decadence as they commit heinous crimes without facing any consequences. An anti-establishment show which portrays the capitalistic side of the super-powered beings, it’s up to a group of misfits to bring down these false idols.

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Insanely ingenious with a voracious appetite for violence, this misfit group is called The Boys. Led by Billy Butcher, the team consists of Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, Hughie, and Female of the Species. Their relentless pursuit to bring down the ‘superheroes’ is only rivaled by their own diabolical nature.

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Apart from Kimiko, the rest of the members do not possess any special power. Yet, the group has managed to kill some of the most powerful super-powered beings by just using their wits, a penchant for violence, and lots of gunpowder. The Boys is actually a dark parody of some of the popular characters of DC Comics. Let’s see how would our beloved group fare against some of the real DC supervillains.

10. Killed By: Reverse-Flash

The Boys have fought A-Train, a speedster who can run faster than the speed of sound. A-Train’s super-speed paired with his enhanced strength, durability, and accelerated perception made him a tough nemesis for the Boys.

Now, imagine fighting a speedster who can run faster than the speed of light and is originally a genius from the 25th century. Powered by the negative speed force, Reverse-Flash is also a known sadist who enjoys torturing people. The Flash’s greatest nemesis, the Reverse-Flash can kill the entire group before Billy Butcher can finish ‘f***ing diabolical!’.

9. Kill: Deadshot

One of the top assassins of the DC Universe, Deadshot is known for his superhuman accuracy. Known to have never missed a target, Deadshot is extremely lethal with a gun. He is also an expert hand-to-hand combatant, which makes him a valuable member of the Suicide Squad.

However, Deadshot is still a human when it comes down to his physiology. The Boys have taken out beings with impenetrable skin and superhuman strength. Though there’s a high probability that the group could lose a member or two, their wits and experience might be too much for Deadshot to handle. If everything fails, the Boys won’t shy away from using Deadshot’s daughter as bait.

8. Killed By: Deathstroke

DC Universe’s greatest assassin, Deathstroke is a force of nature when it comes to taking out scores of enemies or assassinating impossible targets. One of the most powerful nemeses of both Batman and Green Arrow, Deathstroke has been able to pull some truly commendable feats.

A subject of a secret experiment, Deathstroke possesses enhanced regenerative abilities, strength, reflexes, stamina, and durability. He can also use 90% of his brain, which has helped him defeat the likes of Teen Titans and the Justice League on different occasions. One of the best marksman and martial artists of DC Universe, the Boys should run in this fight, while they can.

7. Kill: Harley Quinn

Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a trained psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker and adopted the moniker of Harley Quinn. One of the most popular supervillains, Harley Quinn is a trained gymnast and can be quite lethal with melee weapons.

However, she lacks any special power which can give her an edge over the Boys. One clean shot and Harley would be lying on the floor, gasping for her puddin’ to save her.

6. Killed By: Ocean Master

Aquaman’s half brother, Orm aka Ocean Master is an Atlantean who has waged war against the surface dwellers on multiple occasions. He also wishes to be the king of Atlantis, which regularly puts him at odds against Aquaman and the entire Justice League.

Ocean Master vs The Boys

Though the Boys have fought against the Deep (a parody of Aquaman), Ocean Master is a whole new creature, to begin with. As an Atlantean with royal blood, Ocean Master is a skilled magician who can manipulate catastrophic storms and tsunamis. He also possesses superhuman strength, agility, and stamina, which puts the Boys at a severe disadvantage.

5. Kill: Joker

Arguably the most popular supervillain, the Clown Prince of Crime is the ideological nemesis of the Dark Knight. Unimaginably insane, the Joker’s obsession with Batman has made him commit some of the most heinous crimes known to man.

Joker vs the Boys

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But let’s face it, the only reason the Joker has been able to continue his mayhem is solely due to Batman’s no-killing policy. However, Billy Butcher and his team have a penchant for gratuitous violence which won’t bode well for the Joker.

4. Killed By: Cheetah

The most recognized enemy of Wonder Woman, Cheetah is a feline supervillain who derives her powers from a mystical god. She possesses super strength, durability, and enhanced reflexes which makes her a formidable foe of Wonder Woman.

Cheetah vs The Boys

In the comics, Cheetah is actually one of the fastest beings, apart from the family of speedsters. Her feline-like abilities and traits have often put Wonder Woman in difficult situations. In a few story arcs, Cheetah has been able to wound Superman using her claws. When faced against the Boys, only Female of the Species has any real chance of surviving against Cheetah as she possesses regenerative abilities. However, Cheetah’s bloodlust and prowess will take down the Boys within no time.

3. Kill: Metallo

A tragic accident almost killed John Corben, a low-level con man who went unnoticed by most superheroes. To save his life, Professor Emmet Vale put his brain inside a robotic exoskeleton powered by Kryptonite. Created to take down Superman, Corben turned into Metallo and has put the Man of Steel in near-death situations in the past.

Metallo vs The Boys

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However, his Kryptonite won’t really have any effect on the Boys as none of them possess Kryptonian physiology. Though Metallo does possess superhuman strength and speed, his robotic exoskeleton has been decimated in the past. Using a few explosives, the Boys can blow up Metallo into smithereens.

2. Killed By: Sinestro

Hal Jordan’s former mentor, Sinestro once used to be the greatest Green Lantern to serve the Green Lantern Corps. However, his totalitarian methods and ruthlessness were deemed unfit, which led to his ousting from the GL Corps.

Sinestro vs The Boys

As a result, Sinestro became a Yellow Lantern, a natural enemy of the Green Lanterns. Fuelled by fear, Sinestro has taken down some of the most powerful heroes of the DC Universe. Against the Boys, Sinestro is way too overpowered, making this fight ridiculously one-sided.

1. Kill: King Shark

Portrayed as a dim-witted villain, King Shark is a humanoid shark possessing all the traits of a shark. His shark physiology grants his superhuman strength and durability, making him invincible to most physical attacks. He can also swim at rapid speeds, and can survive in the great depths of the ocean.

The Boys vs King Shark

A ferocious killer, King Shark will surely need a few ingenious tricks to take down. Despite being extremely strong and durable, King Shark can be incapacitated or killed with large explosions. Unless the fight is in an ocean, the Boys can take down this murderous shark using a few violent yet effective ways.