The Boys Season 3 Theory: Soldier Boy Wasn’t Kidnapped, America’s Son Betrayed America for Russia


The first three episodes of The Boys Season 3 have been….explosive, to say the least. Insanely unforgettable scenes, epic twists and turns, and of course, Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy. The Boys Season 3 has anything and everything under the sun. And a new Soldier Boy Theory claims that Jensen Ackles’ character is hiding a darker secret. The previous few episodes did have fans gushing over Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy. People were calling him the next big thing after Homelander. This The Boys Season 3 theory could put a dent on Ackles’ newfound success as a Supe.

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SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for The Boys Season 3 Up Ahead…….

Jensen Ackles is playing Soldier Boy in the series
Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy

According to this The Boys Season 3 Theory, Soldier Boy wasn’t taken forcibly. He volunteered to go to the USSR. In short, America’s Son defected to Mother Russia.

Who Is Soldier Boy In The Boys Season 3

Soldier Boy - The Boys #33 Jensen Ackles
Amazons’ The Boys Season 3 – Jensen Ackles

The comic book version of Soldier Boy is vastly different from his Amazon Series counterpart. In the comics, Soldier Boy was from a team of superheroes called Payback and worked alongside Stormfront. Unlike the other Supes, Soldier Boy was not into depraved sexual debauchery but was also termed a coward. In The Boys #33, he is seen on the cover peeing in his own pants. The comic books reveal that Homelander tricked Soldier Boy into having sex with him in return for a spot in the Seven.

The Boys Season 3 - Payback
The Boys Season 3 – Payback

The comic book Soldier Boy is also extremely patriotic, down to the levels of fanatic, chest-thumping jingoism. He would recite the name of all the American States as a battle cry before jumping into a brawl. The Amazon series clearly took some liberty. Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy is shown being more forthcoming and extroverted. He also shows initiative and oozes confidence unlike the comic book version. The most defining difference is that Soldier Boy is revealed to be older than Homelander. In the comic books, it is the other way around.

What Happens To Soldier Boy In The Boys

Soldier Boy - The Boys Season 3 Episode 3
Soldier Boy – The Boys Season 3 Episode 3

In The Boys Season 3 Episode 3, Mallory reveals the fate of Payback and Soldier Boy. While running a drug trafficking racket for the CIA in Nicaragua, Payback, the CIA and Nicaraguan Contra rebels come into contact with the Russian backed Sandinistas. Since the superhero team members of Payback are inexperienced in real combat and lack the discipline, they massacre their own allies in a fit of desperation.

Soldier Boy Was 'Taken' By Russians
Soldier Boy Was ‘Taken’ By Russians

Mallory reveals that in all the confusion, Soldier Boy was ‘taken’ by the Russians. The show implies that there is a weapon that could kill someone as strong as Soldier Boy. That’s how the Russians managed to defeat him and take his body. But what if there’s more to it than what meets the eye?

Theory: Soldier Boy’s A Traitor Who Defected To Russia

Jensen Ackles - The Boys Season 3 Soldier boy
Jensen Ackles – The Boys Season 3

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Billy Butcher and the Boys are in search of this almost ‘mythical’ weapon that killed Homelander. But The Boys Season 3 trailer reveals that Jensen Ackles’ Soldier boy does return back to the present times. And since Soldier Boy was supposedly kidnapped decades ago and there are no prominent signs of ageing, two things could be inferred.

is Soldier Boy Dead?
Is Soldier Boy Dead?

One – Soldier Boy was either knocked out cold and then put on ice and was experimented upon (which seems highly unlikely since Billy Butcher claims Soldier Boy is almost as strong as Homelander). Two – Soldier Boy volunteered to betray his own country and settle in Russia. Since he is a Supe and in the Boys universe, Supes would do anything for money and women or both, the second inference makes more sense.

Soldier Boy vs Homelander
Soldier Boy vs Homelander

And that brings us to an epic twist. If there is no Homelander-killing weapon, then how would The Boys kill Homelander? The theory claims they do not need any weapon. Remember Billy Butcher said Soldier Boy is ‘almost as strong as’ Homelander. The Boys Season 3 may be gearing towards a Soldier Boy vs. Homelander Deathmatch.



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