The Boys Season 4 Killing Homelander in Very First Episode To Create Shock Factor the Amazon Series is Infamous for? Season 4 Finale Title Reveals Shocking Details

The Boys Season 4 Killing Homelander in Very First Episode To Create Shock Factor the Amazon Series is Infamous for? Season 4 Finale Title Reveals Shocking Details
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The Boys has been dominating the fans in terms of superhero television. The different portrayals of the often-seen idol figures have gripped the audience in a way that no other series has. The incredibly mesmerizing acting by Anthony Starr and every other actor around him has amazed the audience. The third season left an impact in such a way that fans did not expect.

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The supes working for Vought in The Boys

Every angle the series touched and every aspect it showed had some way of leaving an impression on the audience. So it only became natural for the audience to want to see the fourth season as soon as possible. The show’s creator has officially revealed the title for the finale episode and has already started sprouting ideas.

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The Season Finale Title Makes Fans Ponder Over What Is To Come

The finale episode for season four of The Boys will be called “Assassination Run” and will be directed by Eric Kripke. He will be returning on the director’s chair after filming the season finale for the first season of the show. The episode will be written by Jessica Chou and David Reed. The name has made the fans spiral in wonder about what it could mean and whose assassination it could be hinting over.

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Homelander and Queen Maeve

The third season saw the series shifting a lot politically with Victoria Neuman and Homelander’s partnership. It also saw the dynamics between Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy and Anthony Starr’s character changing heavily after massive revelations had been made about the former being the latter’s biological father. The show saw a lot for the titular team as well. Their relationships, sacrifices, passion, and rage were challenged heavily by the Superheroes at Vought. The upcoming season will introduce new characters and with it, it will continue with the pending story for Billy Butcher and Homelander.

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Could Homelander Die In The Upcoming Season Four Of The Boys

Homelander’s truth seemed to have been out in the open by the end of the third season of the show. The audience around him was cheering for him as he slaughtered a man right in front of everyone, showing the blind faith that people have in superheroes. This assassination could perhaps be of none other than Starr’s character or even Neuman. Seeing that the character went rogue by the end, there is an open area of possibilities for the series now.

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Billy Butcher with Ryan

It is to keep in mind that this has very little possibility of happening considering that Anthony Starr is a prominent reason for the fame that The Boys has received. His acting has been so impactful that his presence can be felt when the actor would appear on the screen. So to wonder about him being the character who could eventually be assassinated might not be the best. Characters like Victoria Neuman or even Soldier Boy have a chance of meeting their end eventually.

The Boys season four will air later in 2023 on Amazon Prime.


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