“This is just not for me”: Seth Rogen Disses Marvel, Claims The Boys is Superior Because it’s for Actual Adults With a Mature Perspective

“This is just not for me”: Seth Rogen Disses Marvel, Claims The Boys is Superior Because it’s for Actual Adults With a Mature Perspective
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Seth Rogen is a well-known comedian actor who featured in numerous films and series. Recently Rogen received Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations as Best Supporting Actor for his contributions to the television miniseries Pam & Tommy. The actor, apart from his comic delivery and roles, has also impressed audiences with his caliber of acting by featuring in dramatic series like 50/50Steve JobsThe Fabelmans, and more.


The Neighbors star who began his career as a stand-up comedian began making his appearances as an actor on-screen and continued to impress audiences with his acting skills. Rogen then decided to take hold of off-screen work of filmmaking and has established himself equivalently successful in all mentioned careers. Rogen recently shared his thoughts on the success of his produced series, The Boys, which will soon be out with its fourth season.

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Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen Feels Marvel Is Only For Kids

Seth Rogen, while expressing his love for Marvel while growing up, reflected that Marvel productions are solely for kids. Rogen accepts the fact that Kevin Feige is a brilliant filmmaker, yet he felt that Marvel movies are no longer suitable for him as he is a grown-up adult now and feels the Marvel projects are just made to target child audiences.

“I think that Kevin Feige is a brilliant guy, and I think a lot of the filmmakers he’s hired to make these movies are great filmmakers. But as someone who doesn’t have children… It is kind of geared toward kids, you know? There are times when I will forget. I’ll watch one of these things, as an adult with no kids, and be like, ‘Oh, this is just not for me’.”

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Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige

Seth Rogen Credits Marvel For The Success of The Boys

Rogen, despite stating that Marvel is only suitable for child audiences, admitted the fact that the success of his produced series is positively impacted by Marvel. Yet he added on to subtly underline the difference between his produced series and the Marvel productions. 


“Truthfully, without Marvel, The Boys wouldn’t exist or be interesting. I’m aware of that. I think if it was only Marvel, it would be bad. But I think it isn’t – clearly. An example I’m always quoting is, there’s a point in history where a bunch of filmmakers would have been sitting around, being like, ‘Do you think we’ll ever make a movie that’s not a Western again? Everything’s a Western! Westerns dominate the fucking movies. If it doesn’t have a hat and a gun and a carriage, people aren’t going to go see it anymore.’ The situation, sadly, is that we now have two separate fields: There’s worldwide audiovisual entertainment, and there’s cinema.”

Seth Rogen - The executive producer of The Boys
Seth Rogen – The executive producer of The Boys

Rogen also believed that his produced series, The Boys, incorporates the older audience in a better way with its storyline. The Interview star’s production series is a television superhero series based on the comic book of the same name. Rogen shared his excitement after he became a part of the live-action of his favorite childhood series.

“I remember when the first issue of The Boys came out. We were big fans of Garth Ennis because we’d read Preacher already, and we bought it. We had the same experience that I think, now, audiences are having, which is: ‘Oh, we’ve been reading Marvel for the last 15 years and now there’s starting to be stuff like this, which is a great addition to this landscape. It’s [the same genre] but not considering younger audiences in the slightest. If anything, it’s much more geared towards adult audiences.”

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The Boys' characters
The Boys‘ characters

The series has been well received by both the audiences and critics. The series has released three seasons and the third season of the series has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 98% from 146 reviews. The Boys has already been renewed for the fourth season, yet no official release date for the same has been announced. The three seasons of the American superheroes series can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. 


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