The Boys Season 4 Trailer Gives Jeffrey Dean Morgan the Coolest, Sassiest Line

Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks all set to impress audiences with his suave personality, judging by his appearance in The Boys 4 trailer.

The Boys Season 4 Trailer Gives Jeffrey Dean Morgan the Coolest, Sassiest Line


  • The Boys 4 trailer dropped online and is garnering a lot of interest.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan will make his debut in the show in a role that is yet to be revealed.
  • The Supernatural star had a short but iconic one-liner in the trailer.
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The Boys season 4 is all set for a grand release on Amazon Prime in 2024. Along with recurring iconic characters played by Karl Urban and Antony Starr as Billy Butcher and Homelander respectively, the show will also see the introduction of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a significant role.

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The Boys 4
The Boys 4 trailer is garnering a lot of interest

While there is still some mystery surrounding the part the Supernatural star will play, the trailer suggests that he is closely linked to Urban’s character. In addition, Morgan, who is known for his rugged and charismatic presence on screen, has got everyone talking with his delivery of a simple line that oozed coolness in the trailer.


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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Already Making The Boys 4 Cooler

For its dark and edgy portrayal of superheroes with grey shades and their influence on society, The Boys has been one of the most popular television shows. The series which had three successful seasons, is now set to regale audiences in its 4th season which is due to release in 2024. Joining the impressive ensemble cast is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is set to plan an integral part in the show.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Karl Urban in The Boys 4

While his character and role is still largely unknown, the trailer indicates that he will be closely connected to Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher in the series. Apart from the hype that the trailer on Amazon Prime Video’s YouTube channel is creating, the Supernatural star’s classic one-liner to Urban’s character is already being viewed as one of the coolest statements of the show. In a scene with the two actors, Morgan asks,

“The Boys? Who came up with that s**t?”

From this short but iconic exchange, it seems clear that the actor will play a suave and cool character with a lot of attitude. It now remains to be seen what role that will be.


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Who Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Boys 4?

A significant part of the hype created around The Boys 4, is the inclusion of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a mystery role. While there have been a lot of hints surrounding the predicament of the other characters in the show, Morgan’s character has still not been revealed. The trailer which dropped online, has now made fans speculate eagerly about the possibilities.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Boys 4

In a scene from the trailer, Morgan and Karl Urban look to be old buddies chatting together at a table. This has led to fans assuming that the two stars could be playing friends and allies in the show. Another possibility that is making the rounds is that Urban’s Billy Butcher and the Fall actor’s character could also have a student-mentor relationship.

In another speculation, Morgan is hinted to be the long-lost brother of Billy Butcher. Many fans also did not rule out the chance that he could be an antagonist as well. With 2024 just around the corner, the hype for The Boys 4 and Morgan’s role in it, will be closely observed and eagerly anticipated.


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