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“Very Soon, It Will Be Very Hard to Differentiate Whether You Are Talking to a Real Person Within a Company, or an AI System”: The CEO of G2A Discusses the Future of AI (EXCLUSIVE)

Earlier this month, FandomWire was lucky enough to be invited to a G2A event in Madrid, where we got to chat to the founder and CEO of; Bartosz Skwarczek. During our discussion with the digital entrepreneur, we asked him about things like the CMA’s decision to block the Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard in the UK, how he got into the industry in the first place, and the constantly evolving nature of the digital industry.

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However, there was one thing in particular that we wanted to get his thoughts on; the rise of artificial intelligence and the vast effect it is undoubtedly going to have on the digital world. AI is coming and it is inevitably going to change the way that almost every business operates on a fundamental level. Given that Bartosz is the CEO of G2A, – a site who’s expertise lies in facilitating the resale of digital products by utilizing redemption keys as a means of transaction, – we felt that he may provide some interesting insight into the matter.

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AI is coming and companies will need to adapt or die.
AI is coming and companies will need to adapt or die.

AI is undoubtedly going to be the next big to change the digital gaming industry. As the CEO of G2A, how are you anticipating this coming shift?

AI is going to change the way that content is created by the individual, Chat GPT is already providing support to creative people. However, companies have also started to use it, and I predict that very soon, it will be very hard to differentiate whether you are talking to a real person within a company, or an AI system. 

Another huge change is coming with regard to sharable digital assets via Web3. We are already seeing several digital assets being used in a way that they never have before through tools like the Unreal Editor for Fortnite. This will speed up game development in terms of the number of titles being released, although it does raise the question of asset diversity within those games. 

The other thing to bear in mind is that artificial intelligence goes way beyond gaming. An all digital future is coming and so will continue to grow from just being a gaming company, expanding to become a digital company covering more areas. We spent a lot of years figuring out how to function within the gaming sphere and now we are doing that within wider spaces.

With the recent rise of things like cryptocurrency, blockchain etc, we have already had to make some adjustments in recent years. One of our primary objectives is to avoid alienating anyone within our audience if they are not quite up to date on the latest trends. Although you and I are aware of AI being on the horizon and what a blockchain is, not every person is. Regular people can easily get lost and turned off due to the complicated nature of it all and that is what we want to prevent.

The CEO of G2A thinks that the best response to AI is to adapt and overcome.

The CEO of G2A seems ready for the coming change.
The CEO of G2A seems ready for the coming change.

Bartosz Skwarczek has been the CEO of G2A for well over a decade and the company has seen great success in that time. Thus, he presumably knows what he is talking about when it comes to the digital business side of things. To hear him speak about adapting to the rise of artificial intelligence so casually was fascinating, given that so many other CEO’s have been so quick to shun the idea of AI.

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One can surmise that it will take a good amount of planning and foresight to properly adapt to the changes coming to the industry, but it is refreshing to hear that G2A are seemingly equipped to roll with the punches. The quote above is an excerpt from a much longer interview that will be going live on the FandomWire site later today, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. It was a great interview that provided some truly fascinating insight, thank you again to Bartosz for sitting down for a chat with us.

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Written by Daniel Boyd

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