“S**t happens”: The Day Before Developer Promises Refunds for Everyone

The almighty fumble that is The Day Before.

“S**t happens”: The Day Before Developer Promises Refunds for Everyone


  • Fntastic has issued a statement about its plan following its closure.
  • The Day Before misled and lied to fans.
  • The game's future remains uncertain.
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The Day Before has had a long and tiresome road to its release on early access last week, but that has now since come to a tragic end as developer Fntastic has announced that it will be closing its doors, giving no thanks to the game and a less than stellar reception to its release. The studio has issued a statement saying that no money from the looter shooter will be kept by it, and refunds will be issued in the coming days.


The game has also been removed from Steam and is no longer available to purchase.

The Rise and Fall of The Day Before

Once upon a time, The Day Before was the most wishlisted game on Steam with fans eager to get their hands on the promising looter-shooter but soon that excitement turned to dread as the game’s early access launch came around. This is when the cracks started to show as the game players were buying was clearly not what was promised by Fntastic.


With player numbers plummeting and bad reviews flying in left, right and centre, it’s safe to say that The Day Before is perhaps one of – if not – the worst game launch in recent years, resulting in developer Fntastic having to call it a day and close its studio. Fntastic’s full statement can be found here.

The Day Before looked to be a mix of Days Gone, The Division, and The Last of Us all in one.

As mentioned, Fntastic has announced it will be closing its doors the studio has promised refunds to all who bought the game and assured that no money made from the game will be kept by it to ensure that all refunds and other debts will be paid.

This all happened within four days of the game being live on Steam and after players that bought game labelled it a scam, some of which have compared footage from the reveal trailer and recent gameplay from the launch version of the looter shooter where it’s strikingly obvious that the release version of the game pales in comparison to its original reveal trailer. In response to an X user who called the company out for misleading customers, Fntastic said this:


This was our first big experience. S**t happens.

While this maybe true it appears that Fntastic doesn’t want to acknowledge the glaring differences between the original trailer and what was released to players and is trying to shrug it off as if it’s no big deal.

Naturally, this is frustrating players looking for answers as to how the developers thought something like this would be excused when it has misled and lied to players eager to play what was originally promised.

The Day Before
Is there a future for The Day Before?

So, as mentioned, refunds will be given, debts will be paid, and Fntastic will receive approximately nothing in terms of revenue from The Day Before. So what’s next for the game itself? Currently unavailable for purchase on Steam, it’s unclear as to whether the game will ever see a return.


With Fntastic closing its doors, it’s safe to say no work will be done by that developer, but perhaps there’s a future where the team is able to work on it independently, or it’s possible that the game could be pushed on to another developer to rework the game and make it more akin to its original promise.

Though one thing remains clear, the game is removed from Steam for the foreseeable future and, as far as we know, will remain that way. It’s a sad end, but given the controversy and everything surrounding the situation, it’s safe to say this game is better left unplayed right now.

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