“The Day Before Refund”: The Day Before Isn’t a Fake Game, But It Is Getting Ripped to Shreds After Steam Release

The Day Before shouldn't have been real.

"The Day Before Refund": The Day Before Isn't a Fake Game, But It Is Getting Ripped to Shreds After Steam Release


  • The Day Before has been released in Steam early access.
  • The game currently has overwhelmingly negative reviews and players have bashed the developers.
  • Players are getting refunds after playing for less than half an hour.
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The Day Before, one of the most hyped and wishlisted games of this year from developer, Fntastic, has finally launched in Steam early access and is not getting the reception the developers would have expected. Players have realized that the game isn’t what Fntastic had promised, them and the Steam page is currently being flooded with “overwhelmingly negative” reviews.

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The Day Before Is Out on Steam and It Is a Disaster

The Day Before gets bashed on Steam Early Access.
The Day Before gets bashed on Steam Early Access.

The Day Before, as the developer Fntastic and publisher Mytona describe it, is an open-world MMO survival game set in post-apocalyptic America. The game was first announced in early 2021, and has been on top of the wishlist charts on Steam ever since. But the game isn’t off to the best start as players are strongly criticizing the title and even outright calling the developers scammers.


Players have bombarded the Steam page with negative reviews, and it is not just a small number of players, as the game has received nearly 15 thousand reviews. Gamers took to the game’s release announcement post on X/Twitter and added context to the tweet, saying that the game has been falsely advertised for years since its reveal. Players stated:

The game was falsely advertised for years as an MMO Survival game and is an extraction shooter. The game’s Steam page, as linked in the original post clearly states this. Read reviews before purchasing this game.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Players have also said that although this is a real game and not a scam, they just wish that it was a scam so they could have avoided playing such a bad game.


They have stated that the game is not open-world, as there is just a small city, it is not an MMO but an extraction shooter that just fails. There is no melee, no survival elements, and users have urged people to not purchase the game, and if they have purchased it, to go get the refund instantly.

Players are almost instantly refunding the game.
Players are almost instantly requesting a refund for the game.

Players have flooded the Steam reviews and X/Twitter feed with “The Day Before Refund” and bashed the developers for claiming to have developed the game for five years and it still turned out to be so bad and disappointing. A Steam review read:


The cycle of this game: The Day before, The Depression after, The relief after the refund is deposited.

Another player added:

The day before feels like a scam. It is a scam. We all knew it. We all called it. They showed us gameplay that is NOT this game. They showed us combat, an open world, zombies, details, graphics… so much more… what did we get… a half-a**ed game that is NOT a MMO. It’s an EXTRACTION shooter.

The game, apparently, is so bad that Steam is accepting refunds for players who have played the game even over 2 hours. For those unaware, the refund policy of Steam is that it will accept refunds for those games that are purchased within 14 days from the store and have been played for less than two hours.


However, in this case, the platform seems to be making exceptions for players and trying not to make the experience more horrible for them. Additionally, it’s not that the game is bad and people are downright denying even trying it, but the game is also facing several technical issues such as performance issues, multiplayer server crashes, several bugs and glitches, and more.

Players have accused the developers of falsely advertising the game as an open-world MMO when it is an extraction shooter.
Players have accused the developers of falsely advertising the game as an open-world MMO, when in reality it is an extraction shooter.

The developer stated that the server crashes were because they filled too quickly. It might be true since the game peaked at more than 38,000 players on release day, but it all soon came falling apart. The game is currently in early access and the developer has stated that it will be bringing a “huge update,” but no update can fix such the mess that Fntastic has made.


The game has been surrounded by controversies since its development days, with the developers being accused of copying several games, and even then the players doubted the title would be anything good. It’s now out in the open and the game is nothing but utter disappointment that feels like a scam.

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