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The DCEU Is Dead, Why Won’t They Let It Die Already?

The DCEU is dead. With all the recent news surrounding the DCEU and David Zaslav’s cancellation of multiple properties, including the completed Batgirl, there’s a lot of very annoyed DC fans right now. Not only for the loss of Batgirl, but also with the complete lack of direction the DCEU seems to have. No-one seems to know the general aim, and nine years after it’s inception with Man of Steel, it’s clear the producers and studio executives themselves don’t know either. I think it’s been a long time coming, but the DCEU is dead, why won’t they let it die already?

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Controversy After Controversy

Leslie Grace reacts on her 'Batgirl' getting canned
Leslie Grace as Batgirl

Unfortunately a few days ago, DC and comic fans alike were greeted by the news that Batgirl had been removed from Warner Bros. release slate, and as it was destined only for HBO Max in the first place, it meant we wouldn’t be seeing it whatsoever. Add on to that that the currently filming Supergirl was also cancelled, it left a bad taste in the mouth of fans, and many wondering what the next cancellation would be?

David Zaslav has been on the warpath since the recent merger between Discovery and Warner Bros., with the cancellation of multiple Arrowverse shows, a couple of animated films including Scoob: Holiday Haunt. Specifically regarding the reasons behind Batgirl being cancelled, Zaslav said “The objective is to grow the DC and brand and the characters, but just as importantly, to protect the DC brand.”, which sounds like he didn’t think much of the film whatsoever.

Add to that the current controversy regarding Ezra Miller and they’re very public mental health issues, or the constant upheaval of one of their Aquaman stars, it’s safe to say the DCEU has more than it’s fair share of trouble at the moment.

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Failed Plans

the dceu is dead
Ezra Miller as The Flash

Originally announced in 2014, The Flash has been through an incredibly turbulent development, being pushed back time and time again, different writers and different stories until eventually settling on the current iteration. It was leaked that the film was planned as a soft reboot of the DCEU, with it being the vehicle to perhaps a more cohesive DCEU, removing Ben Affleck’s Batman from the continuity and replacing him with a returning, aged Michael Keaton’s Batman. However, with the current crisis with their star, COVID and other situations, the film was pushed again, and as such, if it does manage to survive the culling from David Zaslav, it’s releasing later than expected with potentially a different ending in mind, a point backed up by Affleck’s recent confirmation to be cameoing in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Why bring back Affleck if he’s just going to be replaced by Keaton? The DCEU is dead, why won’t they let it die already?

What’s The Endgame?

the dceu is dead
Zack Snyder’s Justice League

For comparison, after nine years Marvel’s MCU had started with Iron Man, and was firmly in it’s final arc of the Infinity Saga building towards Infinity War and Endgame. Right now, the DCEU has had quite a few films, more bad than good, introduced several superheroes, recast several superheroes, and doesn’t seem to have a plan for their own characters. The reason I think the Snyder Cut gained so much traction throughout the fans is that with all it’s flaws, at least the plan set in motion by Zack Snyder had a clear direction, whereas seemingly right now there’s nothing in place. No Endgame, no direction and ultimately, nothing to be excited for.

The DCEU Is Dead, Why Won’t They Let It Die Already?

the dceu is dead

I’m a comics fan first and foremost, so along with a lot of you, the current state of affairs is annoying and frustrating to me. They’ve wasted Cavill and Affleck, tried the Justice League far too early, and nine years after it’s inception, left us all without a clue what they’re actually doing long term. At this point, they must know that the DCEU is dead, why won’t they let it die already?

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