‘The door is always open’: AMC Wants Vince Gilligan to Expand Breaking Bad Universe After Better Call Saul


The series, Better Call Saul, is nearing its end with only a few episodes left. The creators of the show, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are at a crossroads. Should they expand the Breaking Bad universe with more shows or not? The AMC boss, Dan McDermott has recently commented that while there were no plans for a third show in the Breaking Bad universe, “the door is always open” for expansion. We take a closer look at this story in this article.

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AMC boss wants to expan Breaking Bad universe
Better Call Saul, a still.

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AMC Boss Dan McDermott says: “The door is always open”  For More Shows

AMC boss wants to expan Breaking Bad universe
A still from Better Call Saul

The president of entertainment and AMC Studios at AMC Networks Dan McDermott recently gave an interview to Variety. There, he expressed openness to the expansion of the Breaking Bad universe with more shows. He said: “I can tell you that if I could do anything to encourage Vince and Peter to continue on in this universe, I would do it,” “I think you’d have to ask them, but the door is always open and I long for the day my phone rings and Vince, Peter or our friends at Sony call to say, ‘Hey, I think we have another show set in this universe.'”


The AMC boss seems quite enthusiastic about expanding and continuing with the Breaking Bad universe.

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Expanding The Breaking Bad Universe

the door is always open amc wants vince gilligan to expand breaking bad universe after better call saul11

In a previous interview with Deadline, creator Peter Gould had this to say about the show: “I love these characters, I love this world. Maybe someday, but personally I’m going to take a little break from that world and try something else, just to prove that I can.” Gilligan added, “I think that’s my answer too. There are stories left to tell, but it’s not proving something to the world, it’s about proving something to yourself. That thing I’m working on, hopefully, someone will want to buy it, someone will want to make it.” 


The two shows in the Breaking Bad universe have 12 seasons between them. It has received critical acclaim and fan appreciation apart from several awards and nominations. But would there be a third show? Time would tell.

Better Call Saul is available on AMC and AMC+


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