“The entire crew had a nervous breakdown”: John Krasinski’s $341M Horror Anthem Led To a Mass Meltdown On Set After a Particularly Nerve-Wracking Scene

“The entire crew had a nervous breakdown”: John Krasinski’s $341M Horror Anthem Led To a Mass Meltdown On Set After a Particularly Nerve-Wracking Scene
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Movie making is not a fun time in paradise, it involves sweat and tears and a lot of disturbing events that could scar the artists involved. Especially, horror movies are the hardest to film as it contains gruesome sequences to evoke pain and terror in the audience. John Krasinski’s $341 million horror thriller is no exception.

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place
John Krasinski in A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place franchise is undoubtedly fun to watch if one is looking for the thrill on a dark road. It’s full of suspense and horror in almost every step. But the beauty of the movie is the direct result of Krasinski’s unique vision to establish the horror that was reflected on screen, it was wild.

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Filming The ‘Baby-in-the-Box’ Scene Was Painful

The Baby in the Box Scene (continued in A Quiet Place 2)
John Krasinski said the ‘Baby in the Box’ scene (continued in A Quiet Place 2) was the hardest to film.

The outer space alien attacks and the gloomy apocalypse were not enough, there are more horror and thrill to the film. In a scene, John Krasinski’s character Lee Abbott’s family had a newborn and he had to ensure that the baby had to be safe from the monsters that navigate through sound and attacks. Abbott had to put the baby in a wooded box with an oxygen musk in the film to contain the sound of his crying from the monsters. As painful as it sounds, filming the scene was even harder than one can imagine. “That was the most intense thing I’ve ever done in my career,” Krasinski told Empire. 

“I didn’t expect how viscerally I would respond. And yes, probably because I was a father of a young baby at the time, but just as a human being […] We absolutely didn’t want them to feel taken advantage of or anything like that, and we even said we can do this with a fake baby. As soon as I put that box on and left, they were like ‘cut’. Everyone was just like ‘get the child out of the box!’ It was basically a puffy bed and there was holes everywhere for the baby to breathe, obviously.”

The actor/director further revealed that the scene left the entire crew in tears. It was painful “The entire crew had a nervous breakdown on that scene.” Of course, the scene intensified the emotion and suspense but it was very hard to watch for the audience as well.

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‘The Man in the Woods’— Another Gruesome Horror 

The man in the woods in A Quiet Place
John Krasinski added the man in the woods in A Quiet Place to intensify horror.

The Emily Blunt starrer franchise is full of surprises and suspense. The first installment established the parameters of extraterrestrial horror-infested sequences with gruesome horror sequences including the ‘man in the woods’ scene. In the post-apocalyptic world, there are very few people left to survive. The Abbott family encountered a man in the woods who commits suicide just by screaming.  “Very clearly from the way he looks he doesn’t have an infrastructure like the father has,” Krasinski said of the character. 

“They probably had a much, much, much smaller microcosm of a safety routine, and the woman had gone out to forage for some version of food and then ended up making a noise and being killed, and so he arrived and found her dead. And once he did that there was no other reason to live. I thought, what a horrible feeling it would be to live that long and then have this be your final moment. The reason why the scream came up was, it’s not just that he wants to die because she’s gone. It’s this idea that I can’t process this anymore, of how horrible this is to me. No-one can survive through this mentally, let alone physically.”

Krasinski carefully exploited the psychological trauma of the character to give more depth to the hoor in the narrative. The scene also depicted the fragility of human beings when the world is on the verge to collapse.

Michael Sarnoski-directed A Quiet Place: Day One, a prequel to the original movie, is scheduled for 8 March 2024 theatrical release.


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