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“The execs want this film to go under the radar”: Fans Suspect Disney is Intentionally Tanking ‘Strange World’ With Bad Marketing Because of its Well-Written LGBTQ Lead

Fans Suspect Disney is Intentionally Tanking 'Strange World' With Bad Marketing

The latest Disney animation release, Strange World, massively tanked at the box office in the days following the film’s release. The meager 35 reviews that the critics followed up with on Rotten Tomatoes after the film’s early screening was mostly disastrous and amounted to an overall 74% rating on the film critic website.

Globally, Strange World picked up steam for becoming the first animated Disney movie to feature an openly gay mixed-race protagonist at its center and because of the negligence of its marketing by Disney — two factors which are too coincidental in their causal relation to be ignored as chance.

Strange World (2022)
Strange World (2022)

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Now, the fans have taken up an issue with how the production house mismanaged the release of the movie and openly attributed its allegedly intended failure to be linked to the representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

Disney Fans Call Out Execs For Mishandling Strange World

Disney’s years in the industry have been defined by its indomitable animated classics. The decades since the 1950s which witnessed movies like The Lion KingThe Lady and the Tramp, Pinocchio, and so many more have constituted a subgenre within the production house that has been claimed to possess animation magic. But with shifts in management and the increasingly demanding social atmosphere, Disney somewhere along the way began losing its acquired magic in the process of pandering to the masses and reaching a wider global audience.

Strange World lacks the familiar Disney animation magic
Strange World lacks the familiar Disney animation magic

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This trend then follows in the wake of films like Strange World which features enough diversity to be called out by the lesser tolerant demography. Fans on Twitter and other social media platforms have attributed this fear of being criticized as the reason why the House of Mouse and its executives strangely stayed away from marketing one of its most innovative and visionary animated films in recent history.

There exists another side to this debate that accredits the failure of Strange World to the exit of Bob Chapek from his stead as CEO and the return of Bob Iger to the company. The replacement at the highest level of Disney’s management could have led to a lack of attention directed toward one film’s release. But that still does nothing to explain why a marketing strategy for Strange World would not already be in place for the crew to execute after the film released its first official trailer in late September.

Fans Accuse Disney of Intentionally Tanking Strange World

Strange World brings the first openly gay lead to its animation canon
Strange World brings the first openly gay lead to its animation canon

Websites have plastered numerous reasons for the failure of Strange World to launch successfully in its global demography. One of the reasons that stand out is the animated movie’s overarching ambition and its pedagogic environmental politics that overshadow the more simplistic humor that defines a Disney classic. The family-friendly ecological drama fails because it tries too hard to explain its symbolism and metaphors instead of leaving it up to the audience’s interpretation and the crude humor comes off as cringey rather than adorable when placed within the context of the otherwise visually enchanting film.

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The fans, however, have their fair share of problems with the poor and negative reception of the film and all of the aforementioned reasons work as ripple effects of the one major shock which was delivered by Disney’s internal crew in their intentional mishandling, low marketing, and soft launch of Strange World.

Unfortunately, there may be no way of proving these claims as substantial truths but considering how Disney has been increasingly facing criticism for soft launching its more inclusive films, as compared to the ones that are not, draws some attention toward the production house’s tactics (or the lack thereof) with regards to Strange World‘s promotion.

Strange World starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jaboukie Young-White, Lucy Liu, Dennis Quaid, and Gabrielle Union is now playing in theatres.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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