“They’re really fighting for diversity by hiding black actors from foreign posters”: Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Gets Blasted For Defending Multi-Billionaire Disney as Actor Calls Fans Losers on Twitter

Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Gets Blasted For Defending Multi-Billionaire Disney
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Just when the controversies were beginning to die down with DC, Marvel rears its head as its Shang-Chi star, Simu Liu claims the frontlines with his one-liners. The actor had begun to rise among the ranks with his powerful superhero entry and origin story in the Phase Four film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. But the recent months have witnessed him facing near-constant controversial outcries with equally near-constant public backlash and in his newest stunt, the MCU actor has hogged the spotlight and the accompanying public wrath after taking a controversial stance with Disney.

Simu Liu
Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu

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Simu Liu Faces Backlash After Taking a Stand With Disney

The last half decade has been incredibly critical of the CBM franchises, specifically Marvel Studios, and its disruptive efforts to churn out an impossible number of projects in the span of a year. The multi-billion dollar industry has been vehemently ranted against by filmmaking legends and geniuses like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, and even the studio’s own actors have grown weary of their employers.

Simu Liu faces intense backlash after showing support for Disney
Simu Liu calls out Tarantino and Scorses on Twitter

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Marvel’s cinematic magic which was witnessed in the initial decade has now been forgotten in the midst of the Phase Four factory line of constant deliveries. The Disney-acquired studio has however proved its visionary genius by delivering innovative ideas (like WandaVision and Werewolf By Night) alongside new content. And the incredibly successful projects have enabled Disney to extend its reach all across the globe with its overarching and influential platform. But when it comes to country-specific promotion and premiere, the juggernaut seems to be leaving behind its ideas of representation which has become evident in its recent attempts to remove or erase Black actors from the posters of their films.

The brewing discontentment and discourse that has been raging against Disney then extended to Simu Liu who in his rant against Tarantino and Scorsese ends up advocating Disney and applauds its attempts to include diversity and representation in its projects. Disappointed fans all across the globe then gathered on Twitter to call out the actor’s ignorance with respect to what Disney has been allegedly perpetrating for the sake of movie ticket sales at the international box office.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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Fans Strike Down Simu Liu’s Applause For Representation

Twitter has been rumbling for the past few weeks after its shift in power and the constant threat of collapse. But even amidst the continuous and almost comical dystopia created within the bird app, the mob finds a way to speak up and speak out against those who advocate for the wrong side of the debate. In Simu Liu’s case, the debate fails to stand upright in its entirety after the actor shows support for Disney.



A further catalyst to the building rage was delivered when Simu Liu defended his “straw man argument” by tweeting about “loser internet trolls.” The fandom which had held hopes for the MCU star has quickly dwindled in the face of his constant statements that have roused more controversies than addressing the one at hand.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now streaming on Disney+


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