“The f—kin’ audacity is insane”: Marvel Campaigning For Thor: Love and Thunder to Win Best Visual Effects Sets New Record in Brazen Display of Power Despite Atrocious VFX

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Marvel Studios has submitted Thor: Love and Thunder under seven categories for the 2023 Academy Awards. The studio recently wrapped up Phase 4 of the MCU, and it hasn’t been a pleasant experience for fans or the studio. There was a bit of a conflict among fans regarding movies and shows under Phase 4. Several projects were criticized for a number of reasons. However, one issue that was constant in almost every show and movie was the lousy VFX. Films like Eternals, Shang-Chi, and especially Thor: Love and Thunder were highly criticized for their special effects.

Thor: Love and Thunder Christian Bale was forced by family to play Gorr
Thor: Love and Thunder

The fourth installment in Marvel’s Thor franchise has been highly criticized for its VFX, and the director Taika Waititi’s comments on his own work were in no way helpful for the studio. Fans are not pleased with the studio campaigning for Thor: Love and Thunder under the best visual effect category.

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Marvel Studios’ Contenders For Best VFX Category at the Academy Awards

Although Marvel Studios was criticized for the awful visual effects used in its films, the studio still has high hopes for its movies to win the title. It turns out that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and Thor: Love and Thunder are contenders for Best VFX at the Oscars.

Disney has also started campaigning for Thor: Love and Thunder under the category. The film is also submitted under other categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

Taika Waititi Korg
A still from Thor: Love and Thunder

Fans have been admiring the studio’s confidence to submit Thor 4 under seven categories for the Academy Awards. This also comes after the director of the film himself made fun of the visual effects used in the film.


Taika Waititi, who directed Love and Thunder, pointed out flaws in the film’s CGI and casually joked about it. The reaction was not well received by fans as they started arguing that the studio does not take special effects seriously. After all that, fans are not so supportive of the studio submitting the same film for the Best Visual Effects category.

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Fans Admire Marvel Studios’ Confidence to Submit Thor 4 For Oscars

As the news broke out that Marvel Studios has decided to submit Thor: Love and Thunder under seven categories for the Oscars, fans started trolling the studio. They started discussing that the studio might be doing this just for fun.



Fans also asked the studio why they think Love and Thunder is an Oscar-worthy film. They called it the studio for having confidence that Thor 4 has the potential to win Oscars under seven categories.


The Academy will shortlist 10 films that would continue to be considered under the visual effects category at the Academy Awards. James Cameron’s upcoming film Avatar: The Way of Water is considered to be at the top under the Best Visual Effects category.

It would be hard to say which films would be shortlisted by the Academy, but fans are sure that Thor: Love and Thunder would definitely not be in the race.

Thor: Love and Thunder is available to stream on Disney+.


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