The Finals Devs Show Call of Duty Devs What it Means to Care about their Players with Latest Fix/Nerf

A longtime FPS issue has been fixed by Embark for the first time.


  • The Finals brings a new patch to fix aim assist issues.
  • Call of Duty players have been complaining of this for a long time and still face this.
  • Embark Studios is the first dev to fix such issues.
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Aim assist in the FPS and particularly in the Call of Duty community has been a hot topic of debate and discussion and while the developers did not take any heed of it, The Finals developer Embark Studios has released an update that fixes a similar problem that the players had been facing.


The patch update comes after The Finals community raised their concerns about aim assist and that it gives controller users an advantage against the ones using a mouse and keyboard. The Finals has fixed this issue with the new patch and has assured players to improve with further updates.

The Finals Fixes an Issue That Call of Duty Players Can Only Dream Of

The Finals brings a patch update to fix aim assist issues that Call of Duty players have faced for years.
The Finals brings a patch update to fix aim assist issues that Call of Duty players have faced for years.

The aim assist debate has been ongoing in the FPS community for a long time. For those unknown, when a first-person shooter title is available on PC and consoles, players using controllers and mouse and keyboard are matched against each other and usually PC players dominate against controller users and that’s where aim assist comes in and helps level up the battlefield.


However, when it’s overpowered PC players find it hard to keep up against controller users and the same happened with players in The Finals and they complained about it. Although this is a common issue, a developer has rarely tried to fix this issue. The Finals developer released a patch update addressing this issue and introduced changes after an “in-depth review” of Aim Assist.

The update introduced a max cap to Zoom Snapping Angular Velocity that prevents unintended 90-degree turns and Zoom Snapping has been reduced to 0.25s from 0.3s. Camera magnitism has also been reduced from 50% to 35% which lowers accuracy for controller users and makes aim less sticky. Zoom Snapping has also been removed from several weapons such as SR-84 Sniper Rifles, Revolvers, LH1, and Shotguns.

The update reduces zoom snapping and camera magnitism.
The update reduces zoom snapping and camera magnitism.

A bug has also been fixed and now aim assist ignores invisible players. The aim assist is also inaccessible to PC players that run key re-mapping programs which is a spoofing trick that makes the client think that the keyboard and mouse a controller, allowing players to get both precision and aim assist in the game.


Zoom Snapping is when a controller user is looking in the direction of the enemy and it locks the aim at the player’s body or head for quite some time. While the sensitivity has been reduced, some guns losing it entirely is a big win for the players. The reduction in camera magnitism will lower controller accuracy and will stop the aim from drifting in their enemy’s direction.

The developer also added that another big update will be coming for The Finals soon that would bring new security fixes and content. Out of all the above-mentioned fixes, Zoom Snapping will help the players the most. Embark Studios is the first developer that has acknowledged these issues and taken a step to give players a better gaming experience.

Following the update in The Finals, Call of Duty players have praised Embark Studios and urged Call of Duty developers to learn from them and fix the long-standing issues. Players have alleged that aim assist magnitism is somewhere around 60% and it’s been like that for quite some time.


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