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The Flash Actress Kiersey Clemons Slams James Gunn Movie: “This whole thing made me cry more than it made me smile”

The Flash Actress Kiersey Clemons Slams James Gunn Movie

DC is once again subjected to several headlines after actress Kiersey Clemons revealed her experience working in the superhero universe. Clemons was recently seen as Iris West in The Flash directed by Andy Muschietti and as per the actress, the experience was everything but good. Before The Flash, she was also seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which had its share of negative impact on her.

Kiersey Clemons
Kiersey Clemons

Iris West is the love interest of Barry Allen in the mythos of Flash. Kiersey Clemons helmed the role in the movies set in the former DCEU. But a set of poor decisions and a chain of setbacks led the 29-year-old actress to have a hard time.

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Kiersey Clemons states her honest opinion on The Flash

Kiersey Clemons as Iris West
Kiersey Clemons as Iris West (Credit: WB)

Before its release, The Flash was expected to be a game-changer for the House of Superman after it delivered a chain of disappointments. While the early reviews elevated the movie to a different sphere, it also turned out to be a box-office disappointment with criticisms surrounding its CGI and screenplay.

It is also notable that the Ezra Miller movie was being developed since 2016. Initially planned for a 2018 release, The Flash faced several delays due to various reasons. Kiersey Clemons confessed that all the uncertainties and the halts in the production troubled her badly.

“Now that the movie’s out, I feel like for the last nearly 10 years, I’ve just been smiling and giving so much grace. I think it was to protect my peace of mind. Now I can finally say and admit this whole thing made me cry more than it made me smile. I think I only smiled over this thing at the premiere.”

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (Credit: WB)

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Adding more to the controversial interview with Nylon, Kiersey Clemons also stated how the entire Ezra Miller scenario affected her.

“I’m having to not just go through my personal experience of Ezra being my friend, but then also having to answer questions that aren’t mine. I’m not going to do that in the media unless it’s asked of me by someone who’s been hurt by that person’s actions. Otherwise, I’m speaking on something that isn’t mine without consent. I was getting asked before I was given permission, and also, no one [of Miller’s accusers] has given me permission to speak on their experience with Ezra.”

Miller faced some of the most serious charges and was even arrested for their feats. Even after issuing a statement on complex mental health issues”, it can’t be stated that the fans forgave Ezra Miller. Their controversies proved to be a major obstacle in the path of The Flash‘s success. On the other hand, Kiersey Clemons also added how the Justice League also contributed to her troubles.

How does the Justice League fit into the narrative?

Kiersey Clemons in Zack Snyder's Justice League
Kiersey Clemons in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Credit: WB)

The whole Justice League fiasco is undoubtedly one of the major pop-culture events in the recent past. Some poor decisions by the studio triggered the whole DC universe to collapse and Zack Snyder’s vision failed to watch a fruitful end.

In the theatrical version of the movie or more precisely what the fans joke as ‘Josstice League’, the scene of Kiersey Clemons was cut. Later when Zack Snyder’s 4-hour cut hit the streaming platform, the fans were surprised to see Iris West in it. Before the release of the director’s cut, the Antebellum actress also heard rumors about her recast and it was more painful to her than being cut out of Justice League. 

“I was freaked out because at one point, there were rumors going around online that I was getting recast, which is humiliating. It was more embarrassing and hurtful than getting cut out of ‘Justice League,’ which I was able to understand more than the rumors of being recast. They had to cut the movie down; that’s how it goes.” 

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Kiersey Clemons added that still, it was less painful than The Flash as she was much younger when its development began and even the director got replaced in the initial stage.

“With ‘The Flash,’ I was so young and was so excited, and the director that I was supposed to be on with was gone. And so, I felt dismissed and replaceable.”

According to reports, a sequel to The Flash is unlikely now after the movie underperformed terribly. As James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy is set to kick off the new DCU, it is uncertain as of now if Miller will return as the Scarlet Speedster and how much of the existing DCEU will be carried over to the new universe.

The Flash is running in theaters near you.

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