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“That sounds like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man theme”: The Flash Composer Surprises Director Andy Muschietti With What Fans Believe is The Scarlet Speedster’s Upcoming Theme

The Scarlet Speedster the flash

Amidst the array of controversies that DC’s The Flash is facing the brunt of, with many upholding the movie’s potential cancellation, a new video has surfaced on the Internet — which is undoubtedly pretty wholesome. Posted by screenwriter and producer Barbara Muschietti, the clip showed the composer of the upcoming DCEU film, Benjamin Wallfisch honoring director Andy Muschietti on his birthday by playing a rendition of Happy Birthday, tinged with what also seems to be an underlying hint to the Scarlet Speedster’s official theme song.

Director Andy Muschietti
Director Andy Muschietti

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While these are assumptions, it would be quite interesting to see if that is the case, indeed. On the other hand, many fans are speculating that the theme is quite reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, with some notes seemingly holding a resemblance.

A Birthday Surprise For The Flash Director

Ezra Miller will be featured in Flash.
Ezra Miller will be featured in The Flash

There never seems to be a single day without the Ezra Miller-led DC film making headlines; mostly in relation to the notoriety of the actor. However, this time around, the surfacing information is quite lighthearted. Andrés Muschietti, the director of The Flash, whose birthday was on the 26th of August, got a special, musical, surprise birthday gift from the film’s composer, Benjamin Wallfisch.

The video, posted by Muschietti’s sister, is pretty amazing, making the talents of the British composer evidently clear. When it comes to Wallfisch’s musical involvement in other projects, the man is credited for producing the original film scores for Shazam!, Blade Runner 2049, and both the installments of It – coincidentally, a franchise where Muschietti was the director.

The Flash
The Flash

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However, what intrigued the fans instead, was the opening theme that played before the orchestral arrangement of Happy Birthday. Many were quick to assume that the opening sequence hints at Barry Allen’s theme song for the 2023 film.

Check the video out:



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While many are convinced that the opening sequence of the orchestra serves as the snippet to the Scarlet Speedster’s theme song, others are of a different opinion altogether. Many believe that the supposed theme sounds much like Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man score.

Fans Claim The Flash Theme Sounds Like Raimi’s Spider-Man

Benjamin Wallfisch
Benjamin Wallfisch

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On Twitter, many are claiming that the orchestral performance by the famous composer reminds them of another superhero character, that belongs to a competing franchise, namely, Tobey Maguire’s version of the Spider-Man. Composed by Danny Elfman, the Main Title from Spider-Man: Original Motion Picture Score is what some fans are getting reminded of. While it cannot be ascertained whether this is intentional or not, the resemblance is pretty subjective.

This is what the fans had to say:

While to some, the “vibes” of the two scores feel rather similar, others expressed how the speculated theme for The Flash (2023) feels like a newer, innovative, and large-scale rendition of the Grant Gustin-led CW show’s theme. The latter assumption seems more likely; serving as a direct homage to the fastest superhero’s live adaptation legacy. Nothing can be confirmed yet denied. The mere plausibility of the Instagram snippet’s beginning being the official theme song for the 2023 film can be challenged, as well.

As the DCEU film is subject to everyday criticism by the audience, with many wanting its cancellation, it will soon be seen what the forthcoming days bring for the controversial film and the future of the DC character.

The Flash, featuring Ezra Miller, is slated for a 23 June 2023 release.

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