The Game Awards 2023: SEGA Announces Five Games Including Crazy Taxi Remake

SEGA announces five classic games that are currently in development.

the game awards 2023


  • SEGA announces five different classical games that are being remade currently.
  • SEGA could be making more classical games in the future.
  • Some of these remade games could be coming sometime in 2024.
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During The Game Awards 2023, we received a small trailer that teased five different titles that are currently being developed by SEGA. Each of these games is unique in its own way, with its own stories and mechanics. Some look rather familiar to those who enjoy some classic SEGA games, while others are completely brand new and different in every way.

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So far, the five different games that have been announced as in development at SEGA are Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Streets Of Rage, and Crazy Taxi. Each of the games that are currently being developed at SEGA will be a part of its classics franchise, as it is bringing back some of them best titles into the present day.


Each Game Teased at The Game Awards 2023, and Why Gamers Are Excited

SEGA announce it is developing 5 games and more.
SEGA announces that five upcoming games are being developed.

Each of these games is unique in its own way and also has a rather large following, as each one has been released over the many years that SEGA has been a company. Most know SEGA for its main franchise, Sonic; however, each of these titles has sadly fallen behind as the gaming community has lost some interest in these franchises.

One of the main games within these upcoming releases will definitely be Crazy Taxi, which over the years has had many gamers wondering as to when it will receive a remake. Now gamers won’t have to ask that question any longer as SEGA has announced it is working on a remake, and from the clips we have seen, it looks amazing.


The second game that players will be looking forward to is the Streets Of Rage remake, which is currently being developed by SEGA. It appears to be taking a step away from its side-scrolling beat-em-up franchise, and focusing more on the 3-D aspect of gaming. However the beat-em-up aspect that made it such a popular franchise to begin with will be staying. 

Even though these two franchises are some that the gaming community will be eager for, there are still others that SEGA is working on that will have the gaming community in awe. One of these franchises is the Jet Set Radio franchise, which will allow players to explore a vibrant city as they do some cool flips and tricks to explore the unique atmosphere the game will bring with it.

SEGA announce it is developing 5 games and more.
SEGA will be making a classical franchise full of remade games.

Although these are some of the major franchises that will be returning with this classic franchise collection, there are some that will catch the eye of veteran players. One of these games is known as Shinobi, which was originally created back in 1987. It has seen many installments in the franchise, but now gamers are getting a revival of the franchise as it goes back to its roots, but with a complete graphical overhaul.

Finally, the last game that was announced as in development at SEGA is Golden Axe, which has had a few different installments in the years, but the first game dates back all the way to 1989. This title, was also originally a side-scrolling game, but has now taken a turn into the 3-D genre and will expand the universe in multiple ways. Players will be able to ride creatures and murder monsters in this exciting new entry. 


Even though each of these games is currently being developed by SEGA, we do not know the official release date of any of these games. But since they are already being advertised, we can only assume it will be very soon.

These aren’t the only games that are currently being developed, either, as during the teaser trailer there was also a mention of “and more.” This means there could be a major list of games currently in the pipeline that SEGA fans can look forward to over the next few years.


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