The Game Awards 2023: Alan Wake 2 Performance by Sam Lake and Old Gods of Asgard Stole the Show

Old Gods of Asgard rocked the house.

the game awards 2023


  • Old Gods of Asgard from Alan Wake 2 performed at The Game Awards.
  • Alan Wake actor Ilkka Villi, Sam Lake, and David Harewood joined the performance.
  • They paid homage to a popular sequence in the game.
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One of the most loved video game sections of the year came to life at Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards 2023. Metal band Old Gods of Asgard from Alan Wake 2 took to the stage alongside almost the entire main cast, to perform the game’s song Herald of Darkness in a spectacularly weird music act.

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Poets of the Fall reprised their role as the fictional band they play in the game. They were joined on stage by none other than Alan Wake himself (aka Ilkka Villi) and creative director Sam Lake, both showing off their dancing prowess. The performance brought the house down in an homage to a popular sequence in the horror game.


Old Gods of Asgard Took to the Stage at The Game Awards

Poets of the Fall aka Old Gods of Asgard performed <em>Alan Wake 2’s Herald of Darkness</em> at The Game Awards 2023 alongside Sam Lake, Ilkka Villi, and David Harewood.
Poets of the Fall aka Old Gods of Asgard performed Alan Wake 2’s Herald of Darkness at The Game Awards 2023 alongside Sam Lake, Ilkka Villi, and David Harewood.

The award show was quite a spectacular reunion for the Alan Wake 2 team and cast. Almost all the main characters performed the game’s Herald of Darkness song in what was probably one of the wildest and weirdest, yet most sensational, acts to ever grace Keighley’s stage.

The Finnish metal band, which goes by the name Poets of the Fall in real life, played their in-game alter-egos Old Gods of Asgard. David Harewood, who plays Mr. Door, and Matthew Porretta, the voice of Alan Wake, both lent their memorable vocals to perform the game’s song.


A true sight to behold was the fully choreographed dance performance on stage that saw Alan Wake actor Ilkka Villi put on an extraordinary show alongside a group of dancers dressed in black. They were later joined by David Harewood and Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake, who plays Alex Casey in the game.

It’s difficult to put this musical spectacle into words. It’s something you have to see for yourself:


A Homage to Alan Wake 2’s “We Sing” Sequence

The performance at The Game Awards pays tribute to the popular “We Sing” sequence in <em>Alan Wake 2</em>. Image credit: Remedy Entertainment
The performance at The Game Awards pays tribute to the popular “We Sing” sequence in Alan Wake 2. Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Viewers who haven’t played the game might have been left baffled, unable to understand the wild performance’s meaning. The musical act is a direct reference to one of the most popular sequences in the game. (Warning: spoilers for the “We Sing” sequence follow.)


Just after the midway mark of Alan’s “Initiation” chapter, players get to the “We Sing” part. Here, Alan finds himself surrounded by oversized screens showing Alan himself, talk show host Mr. Door (played by David Harewood), and Sam Lake. They are performing and dancing to the Old Gods of Asgard playing Herald of Darkness.

The rock song retells many aspects of Alan’s life and the various elements and story beats from the game. The interactive rock musical, where hectic gameplay and live-action music videos intertwine, has been heralded by players as one of the best sequences in a video game this year – if not ever.


The band released an official music video for everyone to enjoy this enthralling part of the game at any time. It wasn’t the first time Poets of the Fall performed for Remedy. The band also made an appearance in the first Alan Wake and wrote and performed Take Control in Remedy’s Control.

The performance at Keighley’s award show brought the stunning virtual world of Alan Wake 2 into the real world. But Remedy’s horror game didn’t just steal the show with its electrifying musical act, the team also went home with three trophies, having won in the categories for Best Narrative, Best Game Direction, and Best Art Direction.


Sam Lake used the spotlight on stage to announce the New Game Plus mode titled The Final Draft. The update launches on Monday, December 11, 2023, giving fans a good reason to return to the Dark Place once again.

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