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The Homelander Would Absolutely Humiliate These 5 MCU Heroes in a Fight

The Boys' strongest superhero, Homelander can defeat these MCU superheroes

the homelander would absolutely humiliate these 5 mcu heroes in a figh


  • The Boys' strongest superhero, Homelander is super strong
  • Let's take a look at five MCU superheroes that Homelander can beat.
  • The list includes surprising names that would stand no chance against Homelander

The Avengers is one of the mightiest group of fictional superheroes. Evidently, there aren’t many that can stand a chance against the Avengers in Marvel Comics and MCU. However, what if the Avengers were to face a foe like Homelander from The Boys’ universe?

Homelander in The Boys
Homelander in The Boys

Well, that would certainly be an interesting fight, right? By all means, Homelander is the strongest superhero in his universe, outside of Black Noir. But when it comes to the Avengers, they literally have a god in their group.

Obviously, Homelander won’t stand a chance against the likes of Thor or the Hulk, but there are some heroes that Vought’s strongest superheroes can defeat. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at five MCU superheroes that Homelander can beat.

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1. Hawkeye

Starting off with the easiest entry on the list, Hawkeye. Hawkeye is known for his excellent marksmanship and ability to utilize his arrows wisely to defeat his opponents. But against an opponent as strong as Homelander, these tricks won’t work.

Hawkeye in MCU
Hawkeye in MCU

If anything, Homelander can kill Clint Barton in a flash with his superhuman strength and speed. Moreover, if Hawkeye somehow manages to evade the supe’s first attack, it’s hard to see Barton finding a way to counter Homelander’s heat vision.

2. Black Widow

Natasha Romanova, a.k.a. Black Widow, is primarily known for her excellent hand-to-hand combat skills. On top of that, Black Widow has peak human strength and stamina, thanks to a knock-off version of Super-Soldier serum. The serum gives Romanova resistance to diseases as well while slowing down her aging.

Black Widow in MCU
Black Widow in MCU

But these abilities are no match for a powerhouse like Homelander. The strongest superhero of The Boys’ Universe can easily counter and overwhelm Black Widow in a fight. If a hypothetical fight between the two characters takes place, the Avengers will need a replacement to fill her empty spot on the team.

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3. Ant-Man

Ant-Man’s primary ability is size-shifting. He can quickly go from being an ant-sized person to a giant. Moreover, Scott Lang can also control ants and other small insects, thanks to his training with scientist Hank Pym.

Ant-Man in MCU
Ant-Man in MCU

However, Ant-Man is no match for Homelander. We are not overrating Homeland when we say that the supe can literally squash the Avenger. On the other hand, if Lang decides to become a giant during his battle with Homelander, he’s only increasing the size of the target on his back.

4. Captain America

In some ways, Captain America and Homelander are alike. Steve Rogers gained his abilities after being infused with the Super-Solider serum. Likewise, Homelander’s abilities, such as flight, x-ray vision, heat vision, and others, were the result of Compound V.

Captain America in MCU
Captain America in MCU

While Cap has no superpowers, his strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and more have been enhanced to reach the peak for a human. On top of that, Captain America’s Vibranium shield may allow him to block a few of Homelander’s attacks, but that’s pretty much it. Homelander can annihilate Steve Rogers in a plethora of ways over the course of a hypothetical battle.

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5. Iron Man

Tony Stark has many feats under his belt throughout his time as Iron Man. Sure, Stark’s superior intellect and quick thinking make him a great matchup for most opponents. Moreover, Stark also has the incredibly powerful nano suit at his disposal.

Iron Man in MCU
Iron Man in MCU

But Homelander is arguably faster than Iron Man. While Stark may be able to counter Homelander’s heat vision, in a prolonged battle, the former may not stand a chance against the latter. After all, at the end of the day, all Homelander needs to do is rip Tony Stark out of his suit, and it’s game over.


So, these were the five MCU superheroes and members of the Avengers that Homelander can defeat, according to us. Feel free to share your thoughts on the list in the comments section below.

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