The Last Hope is Nintendo’s Answer to The Last of Us

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Over the years, many game developers have brought out some fantastic games that cannot be topped no matter how much people try, just as Naughty Dogs The Last of Us, but this doesn’t stop other developers from trying to mimic this success and try to create their versions of such popular games like The Last Of Us, unfortunately. This never goes well as, West Connections The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival has shown us.


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What is The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival?

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When looking on the Nintendo Switch Eshop, there are many games on there that are pretty unique in their own way, but not as unique as The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival from developers West Connection who have managed to create a copy of The Last Of Us, but somehow downgrade it to the point that it is next to unplayable.

As far as copies go, this game is downright close to a near carbon-copy with its main characters. Still, the story is unique in its own right, but what makes it worse is that the cover art for the game, which went viral on the internet, was essentially Ellie from The Last of Us as this was used to try and grab attention from fans hoping to see The Last of Us on this switch which helped make the news travel quite quickly sadly this news wasn’t what gamers wanted to hear as what they would have bought is a relatively poor standard copy, to say the least.

Regarding the story of the game, it is pretty unique as it involves time travel, zombies and surviving an apocalyptic world whilst battling against the government. So far, this would seem like a rather fun concept to work with, but due to poor graphics, slow frame rates, zero voice acting and poor copied models of Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us whilst having next to no playable area that doesn’t include loading screens it causes the game to fall short of worthless as it has been developed so badly to the point it is near impossible to fight the enemies that inhabit the world itself.


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Will this release affect Nintendo in any way?

The Last Hope Is Nintendo's Answer To The Last Of Us

So far, there will be no action taken against Nintendo for having this game on their store, but it may raise a lot of questions on what they allow to be considered acceptable on their platform and help them to refine their search engine on their Eshop. Currently, the Eshop works on a system that searches for names similar to what you have searched for and can lead to some mistakes, especially for gamers who may not know better.

For now, Naughty Dog and Sony have made no comments on whether or not they will take action on West Connection due to their blatant rip-off, but surely enough, if they did, it would not end well for West Connection. It would most likely end badly, but this does put into perspective how even in this day and age of gaming, there can still be bad games that get released even onto consoles like the Switch and just make us appreciate games like The Last of Us a lot more for how good it is.


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