The Last of Us Boss Cuts All Strings from Kevin Hart’s Upcoming Video Game Movie After Dwayne Johnson’s Jumanji: “Seems like a power move”

The Last of Us Boss Cuts All Strings from Kevin Hart’s Upcoming Video Game Movie After Dwayne Johnson’s Jumanji
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Eli Roth’s live-action adaptation of Borderlands starring Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Jamie Lee Curtis has been in post-production for eternity. Principal photography started in June 2021, and even after the reshoots they took in the summer of 2022, the movie is still far from finished.

Kevin Hart as Roland in Borderlands
Kevin Hart as Roland in Borderlands

In January, there had been reports that Roth was replaced by Deadpool’s Tim Miller. Now, shocking news greeted fans as The Last of Us writer Craig Mazin, who co-wrote Borderlands, removes his name from the project.

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Borderlands Writer Craig Mazin Detaches From The Franchise

Borderlands was first announced in 2015, but it took forever to find a director who would helm the big-screen adaptation. In a report from World of Reel, the official writers for the movie are now Eli Roth and Joe Crombie. The latter is the pseudonym of Craig Mazin, who wishes to opt himself out of the franchise.

Back in the day, filmmakers who were not satisfied with their projects used other names to hide their identities. Mazin is likely detaching himself from being involved in the production of Borderlands. He is known for his works on HBO’s critically-acclaimed Chernobyl series and the recently released The Last of Us.

Craig Mazin Borderlands
Craig Mazin

There are several writers attached to work on the film, such as Aaron Berg, Oren Uziel, Juel Taylor, Tony Rettenmaier, Zak Olkewicz, Chris Bremner, and Sam Levinson. While the film is based on a video game, it would not require too complicated narrative. As to why a legion of people was involved in the screenwriting process remains a mystery.


Borderlands fans are not even surprised anymore by the turn of events and the would-be fate of the movie. Some have already lost hope for the project and are now indifferent to whether it still gets released or not. Check out their thoughts below:



It seems that the Borderlands team remains stuck in the editing room. With such a messy production schedule, it won’t be a surprise if Kevin Hart’s upcoming project gets shelved or delayed again for several months.

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Borderlands Star Reveals Movie Is “So Close” To The Video Game


While some fans already criticized Borderlands’ accuracy based on the source material, actress Janina Gavankar, who will play Commander Knoxx, confirms that the movie will pay respect to the video game franchise (via Collider):

The production design and the art direction alone is so close to the game. You can’t believe they put this much love and attention into the details. I came in with my arms crossed like, ‘You better do it right because I’m here to call bullsh*t.’ And it’s like, they went hard. They really meant it. Even down to our costumes, just getting the colors of everything right. There’s a lot of love that went into the production.”

With that said, fans only need a release date announcement and an official trailer to make up for the long wait.

Sources: World of Reel, Collider


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