The Last of Us Episode 3 Giving Valuable Lesson About Periods and Menstruation Within the Zombie Apocalypse Proves the Show’s Destined For Greatness

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The Last of Us has been garnering prolific praise and critical acclaim with every passing episode and fans are assured that the TV show will turn out as one of the best video game adaptations. And the recent episode, which explored the relationship between Bill and Frank, has left fans in complete awe.


Fans have commended the episode for providing more depth into the dynamic between Bill and Frank in comparison with their video game counterpart, where Bill being gay was too vague. But many have applauded the show for dealing with an often ignored topic amidst its grand narrative.

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HBO's The Last of Us
HBO’s The Last of Us

The Last of Us deals with menstruation during an apocalypse

The Last of Us continues to surpass its excellence with every passing episode and has left the fans in awe with the third episode Long Long Time. Although fans admired the recent episode for providing more depth into the relationship between Bill and Frank, fans have also praised the show for emphasizing on the matter of menstruation during an apocalypse.

The factor of menstruation among females and some GNCs ( gender-nonconforming individuals) is mostly ignored in apocalyptic-based media and the logistical questions about the natural cycle are left unanswered. But The HBO show doesn’t ignore this factor and emphasizes the matter of how people might deal with it in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

In a time when hygiene is no longer a priority, it’s evident that it will be hard for many girls and some GNCs to progress through the blood flow for a week or more. So witnessing Ellie having a moment of celebration after she discovers a box of tampons in Joel’s stashing hideout is wholesome, as tampons and pads would be a rare commodity in the post-apocalyptic world.


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Bella Ramsay as Ellie from The Last of Us
Bella Ramsay as Ellie from The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of the rare stories to recognize the often-ignored topic

In apocalyptic stories, the general concern of menstruation among women and some GNCS is mostly ignored. But The Last of Us doesn’t shy away to bring some light on the factor and fans have showered the show with praise for its details amid the emotionally-driven tale.

Apart from Telltale’s TWD season 3, which shares a brief moment of Clementine finding a pack of pads, The HBO show is among the few to tackle this important but often ignored subject. Fans have acknowledged the show for emphasizing the problem, which may not impact the main storyline in the slightest but showcases the passion and love that the creators have put behind this project.


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Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us
Bella Ramsay and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us

Fans have been inspired by the details and the concern about menstruation amid the intriguing storyline. And with three episodes in, fans are assured that The Last of Us is destined for greatness and will be among the greatest video game adaptation of all time.

The Last of Us is now available to stream on HBO Max.


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