The Last of Us Reportedly Developing a Third Part as Live-Action HBO Adaptation With Pedro Pascal Premiers Next Month

The Last of Us Reportedly Developing a Third Part as Live-Action HBO Adaptation
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Going back all the way to the last days of the PlayStation 2, the gaming community was greeted with a pleasant surprise when Sony released The Last Of Us Part 1 on 14th June 2013. Set in the future where a mutated strain of a fungus has spread over the world and affected the population by turning them into grotesque zombie-like creatures, the provided familiarity of the zombie genre with a dynamic of character and relationship development which brought something new that everyone was drawn towards.

Joel Miller with his daughter in Last of Us

With such a staggering success of the video game reaching beyond the gaming community, it was only a matter of time before it would’ve been taken up and made into something that appealed to an even wider audience. Fast forward almost a decade with the 2nd part of the game also out, we now have the HBO adaptation of the critically-acclaimed video game all set to begin airing with Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller in the series. But amidst the hype for the show, it seems like Sony had been working on a 3rd part of the video game all along.

The Last Of Us Part 3 In The Works?

The Last Of Us Part 3

Coming to the HBO adaptation of the video game series by Sony and Naughty Dog, The Last Of Us is all set to feature Pedro Pascal as the main protagonist Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. The first season has already wrapped up production and is all set to release on HBO Max next year. This adaptation hopes to bring the world of The Last of Us to more and more audiences around the world who don’t know about the game or those who haven’t played it yet.


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Now, coming to the topic, this news was shared on Twitter by user @DomTheBomb who states that the next installment of the series is already in production at Naughty Dog Studios. Much of the details about the next part are still under wraps, but he tells us that the information about the production is quite substantial.


Considering all the rumors and some leaks that we have heard or seen lately, it won’t be a stretch to say that a 3rd part is out of the question. Going back to the first part, there was no clear indication of a 2nd part in the first game except in the name, so, the 3rd part can be viable, especially when you consider how successful the whole franchise is.

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What To Expect From The Last Of Us 3?

Last of Us
A still from Last of Us

The first game had us acquainted with Joel Miller and Ellie and showed us how both these characters developed their relationship dynamic with each other. The second game had us viewing two sides of Ellie and Abby made us realize why Abby had done what she had and how Joel’s actions were a trigger to the set of events that came after. Now, with the series turning into a blank slate, the studios can either explore these characters more or introduce someone entirely new.


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The Last Of Us, available on HBO Max from January 15th, 2023

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