‘The level of confidence this man has’: Fans Can’t Fathom The Rock Setting Up Black Adam for Awards Consideration Despite Lackluster Box Office Performance

The Rock Setting Up Black Adam for Awards
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Dwayne Johnson made his debut as a superhero in Black Adam as the titular character, hyping the movie with all his efforts and attracting fans with the highly anticipated return of Henry Cavill as Superman, which he made possible. Seeing all the effort and love that has been put into the movie, The Rock along with Warner Bros. Discovery have decided to put the movie up for multiple award considerations.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

This news has come as a shocker for many fans as they did not expect the movie, which was rather mediocre during its run in the theatres, to be put up for awards, especially in comparison to movies like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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Dwayne Johnson Gives Black Adam A Chance To Win Multiple Awards

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson has given Black Adam up for consideration to win awards along with Warner Bros. Discovery despite the criticism that the movie received after its release. The categories that it has chosen include Best Director, Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Sound as well as Best Ensemble Cast. All of these categories range to provide opportunities to Johnson along with all those who were there to make the movie what it was, such as Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, and Pierce Brosnan.

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This came as a shocker to the fans as they did not expect the movie to further push for the fame it could gain, and although effort had been put in, there had been far better contenders this year that could beat Black Adam with ease. Nevertheless, the movie and its team are still moving forward in submitting their potential nominations for awards that they might be able to win. This could also be taken with the angle that perhaps the film could in fact win in some categories if not each that it has been submitted for.

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The Fans Give Their Opinions On Black Adam Being Submitted For Awards

Seeing the massive success that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever got, quite literally overthrowing Black Adam’s entire domestic box office earnings in their opening weekend itself. Fans have pointed out that perhaps the movie could be overestimating its potential and how far its success rate reached concerning the criticism it received.


On another hand, fans have also pointed out that the movie could lead in terms of the soundtrack as well as costume design. Both aspects had been highly appreciated throughout the movie, and although the screenplay wasn’t the best, multiple aspects of it were.


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