‘The Lord of the Rings’ Director is Terrified After Watching a Horror Movie, Calls It “Relentlessly Scary and Disturbing”

‘The Lord of the Rings’ Director is Terrified After Watching a Horror Movie, Calls It “Relentlessly Scary and Disturbing”
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Peter Jackson, the genius behind the legendary The Lord of the Rings series, openly praised a bone-chilling horror movie that absolutely captivated his senses. In an industry where rivalry runs deep, when visionary directors extend their applause to fellow movies, definitely is indicative of something extraordinary at the play.


Jackson’s thumbs-up suggests a cool twist on horror, a genre usually sticking to familiar themes. His liking for the movie indicates that it’s exploring new, exciting possibilities for storytelling in this genre.

Talk to Me: Gaining Acclaim from The Lord of the Rings Director

Lord of the Rings Director, Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings Director, Peter Jackson

The year 2023 introduced the horror film landscape to Talk to Me, a spine-chilling creation that earned effusive praise from Peter Jackson himself. This latest offering, crafted by Australian siblings Danny and Michael Philippou, marks their transition from YouTube sensations for live-action horror comedies to the formidable realm of feature films. Peter Jackson confessed:


“Talk To Me isn’t just good – it’s very very good. The best, most intense, horror movie I’ve enjoyed in years”

When it comes to horror, Peter Jackson’s approval means a lot. Remember, he directed the funny zombie movie Braindead in 1992. So, when he gives his nod to Talk to Me, it shows that the movie’s story is really captivating and spine-chilling. His support is like a stamp of approval that this film is truly exciting and thrilling.

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Talk to Me’ Scores 95% on the Fear-o-Meter!

A still from Talk to Me
A still from Talk to Me

Talk to Me, the first full-length film by the Philippou brothers, marks their exciting entry into the world of movies. These brothers initially got noticed for making funny and spooky videos on YouTube. In their debut movie, they’ve crafted a story about a bunch of curious teenagers. These kids, driven by their sense of adventure, decide to use a spirit board to talk to ghosts. Eventually, it quickly gets scarier than they bargained for, and everyone watching gets caught up in a seriously spooky adventure.

Peter Jackson
The Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson in praise of Talk to Me also conveyed:

“Talk to Me is relentlessly scary and disturbing — in the best possible way.”

Both critics and audiences appear to concur with The Lord of the Rings’ director’s assessment of the film. The film’s Rotten Tomatoes score of 95 and its Metacritic average of 76 out of 100 reflect a harmonious consensus on its quality and potency. These ratings are indicative of a finely tuned equilibrium between sheer fright and compelling storytelling, a balance that many horror films strive to achieve.

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Moreover, This summer’s most feared film, earning the title of the season’s scariest, is being lauded by critics as a nightmarish collision between the living and the dead. Its status as a nerve-jangling masterpiece solidifies its reputation.

Currently, Talk to Me is being screened exclusively in theaters.

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