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“The man is about to end his own career”: Taika Waititi’s Star Wars Update Proves He Refuses to Learn from Thor 4 Outrage

Fans are worried about the future of Star Wars and Waititi's career after his recent comments.

“The man is about to end his own career”: Taika Waititi’s Star Wars Update Proves He Refuses to Learn from Thor 4 Outrage


  • Taika Waititi has made movies that have disappointed fans in the past with Thor: Love and Thunder being an underwhelming disaster.
  • Waititi will not be returning for Thor 5, as revealed by MCU insiders, who are looking for the perfect for to take the franchise forward.
  • His recent comment on the Star Wars franchise has caused worry among fans, who think his career will be in jeopardy if the movie blows.

Taika Waititi is one to make movies that are both fun to watch and cinematic masterpieces when one is to watch them. Although he has made some movies that are absolutely loved by the fans, including that of Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok, he has also worked on some projects that have disappointed fans greatly. Thor: Love and Thunder was an underwhelming disaster of wasted potential.

Taika Waititi as Adolf Hitler in Jojo Rabbit
Taika Waititi as Adolf Hitler in Jojo Rabbit

Both the story and the cast were something that could be further expanded upon in a manner that would give the audiences exactly what they had been hoping to get ever since the success of the third move in Chris Hemsworth’s series. Waititi recently stated that Marvel will not be seeing him again for Thor 5. However, his latest comment on the Star Wars franchise has further stirred worry among fans.

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Taika Waititi is Taking Risks with His Star Wars Films

Taika Waititi’s recent film, Next Goal Wins, is one that has brought fans back to the theatres with another humorous take on his films. He is, without a doubt, a talented director. However, his recent film, Thor: Love and Thunder fell short in many ways.

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His upcoming Star Wars movie was one that created a bit of concern among the fans as they did not want it to be a disappointment in a similar manner. However, his latest comment is more worrying than anything.

Taika Waititi as Korg

“It’s gonna piss people off.”

While speaking with Variety regarding his recent film, the director talked about his Star Wars project as well. Although there was not much that he could say about it, he did claim that the fans would not be as happy as they would expect. This may be in jest, but it is a concerning statement nonetheless. Whether it is a self-sabotaging statement or one that he hopes to boost his film, fans seem conflicted, to say the least.

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Fans Worry About the Future of Star Wars and Taika Waititi’s Career

Taika Waititi in Free Guy
Taika Waititi

Fans have been constantly trolling Taika Waititi ever since he made the statement regarding the Star Wars film. They are worried that it would be another underwhelming film that prioritizes comedy over the actual plot and other elements. They are mocking his approach and claim that it could very easily end his career if he goes on to make the same mistake again and again.

There are also fans who aren’t surprised by his statement, claiming that it is far too usual for him. They have stated that there aren’t many expectations with regard to the director making the film either.

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