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The Mandalorian Season 4 Next Disney Show That Falls to Writers Strike, Pedro Pascal Cash Cow Reportedly Delayed

The Mandalorian Season 4 Next Disney Show That Falls to Writers Strike, Pedro Pascal Cash Cow Reportedly Delayed

Pedro Pascal is making headlines in the Hollywood industry with his successful projects like The Mandalorian and The Last of Us which skyrocketed his popularity. Both shows were widely acclaimed by critics with the live-action Star Wars series reportedly in development for a fourth season. While the actor has finally gotten his big break with the Mandalorian character, it seems that fans would have to wait a little longer than usual to see him return for the next season.

Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin in Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin in Mandalorian. Source: Disney

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As per the new reports, the fourth season of the live-action series will likely be delayed due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Not just it, but several other shows are heavily affected by it but it looks like it is the only way!

Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian Season 4 Likely to be Delayed!

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian
Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian

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The Mandalorian has become one of the most popular Star Wars projects of all time. Fans can thank Grogu for the popularity but it seems like season 4 of the series might face some delay!

Recently, industry scooper, the MyTimeToShineHello account shared the report from Deadline which stated that the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian would likely be delayed. The account added “confirmed” along with the shared report which further solidifies the claims that the series is affected due to the ongoing writers’ strike.

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Lucasfilm planned to postpone the production of Season 4 which was initially reported to begin this September. It was confirmed that series creator, Jon Favreau had already completed the fourth installment’s script before the finale of Season 3.

Given that the insider has confirmed the delay in the production of the fourth installment of the live-action series, it is quite a win for the WGA strike as it would hurt the pockets of those associated with the project including the protagonist played by Pedro Pascal.

The Ongoing Writers’ Strike Affected The Mandalorian S4!

Pedro Pascal
Chilean-born American actor, Pedro Pascal

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The actor rose to prominence with his bounty hunter role however it seems like his next appearance donning the armor is likely to get delayed due to the ongoing WGA strike. Season 4 was highly anticipated among the fans due to online conspiracy theories about Moff Gideon(Giancarlo Esposito)‘s clones shown in the season 3 finale.

The third season hit low ratings due to the story being majorly focused on Katee Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan and her journey to rule Mandalore. Even Pascal’s Din Djarin was sidelined in his own show due to his commitment to HBO’s The Last Of Us. 

Not just the series, but several projects including Stranger Things Season 5, Wonder Man, and Cobra Kai Season 6 have been affected by the ongoing strike which began on May 2. The purpose of this ongoing strike is to ask for better pay and stability for writers. It also includes restricting the use of AI in writing which has drastically affected their livelihood. Improvement in pay is also a significant factor that led to this situation.

The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney+.


Source: My Time to Shine, Deadline

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