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The Next Xbox will Use the ‘Power of the Cloud’

Xbox’s plans for its next generation of consoles seem to center around cloud gaming, as per leaked unredacted court documents. That leaked news came from unredacted court documents from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The document has listed many new innovations coming to Microsoft’s next lineup of consoles, which might still be at least five years away.

Gamers have already been enjoying cloud gaming with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that allows the games in its library to be played remotely on eligible devices. Cloud computing will give players a more seamless and immersive experience for gamers. The leaked presentations could have also changed a whole lot by now, as some of the documents were marked May 2022.

Microsoft Plans to Harness the Power of Cloud Processing in its Next-gen Xbox Consoles

Leaked slide detailing future Xbox console plans from unredacted court documents.
Leaked slide detailing future Xbox console plans from unredacted court documents.

The idea of using cloud computing for processor-intensive calculations isn’t something new as Microsoft has been working on the idea for a long time already. In the Xbox game Crackdown 3, the multi-player mode Wrecking Zone made full use of cloud computing to run and sync the game’s destruction models across all the gamers playing the game together.

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In one of the leaked slides, Microsoft had mentioned “Cloud Hybrid Games” through an “Immersive Game & App Platform”, planned to release the console during the calendar year 2028. The details were preceded by the technology that powered all the previous consoles from Microsoft, starting from the original Xbox that came out all the way back in 2001.

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Cohesive Hybrid computation models detailed by Microsoft in leaked documents
Cohesive Hybrid computation models detailed by Microsoft in leaked documents

Another slide detailed Microsoft’s plans for a cohesive hybrid model. Microsoft mentioned heavy use of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). The slide suggests Microsoft will look to partner with AMD for Navi 5 graphics and Zen 6 CPU cores.

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Microsoft’s Journey Towards Next-gen Consoles in 2028 May Have Already Started

Microsoft's Roadmap to next-gen consoles may have already begun
Microsoft’s Roadmap to next-gen consoles may have already begun

The above-pictured roadmap suggests Microsoft may have already begun working towards its next-gen consoles which seem to have a 2028 release plan. Per the leaked documents, the slides preceding the roadmap indicated four different plans that referred to cloud everything, a hybrid Xbox, hybrid Windows, and hybrid HoloLens.

Another page in the leaked document revealed topics around “cloud-native / enhanced” games. Microsoft’s vision mentioned in the documents was said to be about developing a next-generation hybrid game platform, leveraging the combined power of the client and cloud, providing gamers with an improved, immersive experience.

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Xbox Game Studios Publishing announced last year that it was launching a new cloud gaming organization. It was said to be led by Cloud-gaming director Kim Swift. The brand new mandate is said to work on ‘cloud-native’ games, which will make maximum use of cloud computing to process certain aspects of games, including physics, lighting, environment, and AI.

Microsoft’s leaked plans may change drastically between now and 2028 when the company plans to release the next console. If Microsoft does deliver on the promise of cloud gaming, it could be a giant leap in powering Xbox consoles far beyond the competition.

Have you tried cloud gaming through an Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscription? What are your thoughts with regard to all the leaked details? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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