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“The Office”: 13 Great Jokes That Didn’t Even Need Michael Scott!

The Office 13 Great Jokes That Didnt Even Need Michael Scott
  • The Office is a popular American sitcom that is famous amongst the people for its hilarious jokes and its relatable characters. These 13 jokes from The Office proves our point. The audience loves the show because it will never fail to make you laugh and is full of love and romance!! Here are 13 great jokes from The Office that didn’t even need Michael Scott!!!

1. When Kelly explained her professional growth in the interview to Jim: Kelly’s character is one of the most relatable characters in The Office. She doesn’t know how to sugar coat things, and she’s pretty straightforward in whatever she does

2. When Dwight and Jim forgot Kelly’s birthday: This scene in which Dwight and Jim throw a birthday party for Kelly left everyone laughing because of the hilarious decorations and theme of the party.


3. When Creed wanted to set Jim up with his daughter, Jim gives a hilarious reply to him. And the answer leaves everyone laughing.

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4. When Pam just wanted to eat at the party: In this scene, most of the audience can relate to Pam; sometimes, we just want to eat and ignore everyone and everything around us.

5. When Kelly made a statement because of wearing white to a wedding! She pulled off a white dress just because she thinks that she looked pretty in white, and I couldn’t agree more!

 The office great jokes

6. When Robert California asks Jim about choosing a metaphor between nature and sexual, Jim decides on a nature metaphor instead, without a doubt.

 The office great jokes

7. When Kelly thinks that she looks hot while eating cupcakes: Kelly is the soul character of so many girls out there, she knows how to make herself feel good, and there is no harm in that.

 The office great jokes

8. When Ryan finally realizes his love for Kelly and confesses it to her.

 The office great jokes

9. Creed is undoubtedly the most underrated character of the show, but his dialogues are indeed worth noticing.

 The office great jokes

10. Kelly got angry at Ryan when he returned from Scranton after he dumped her. It was natural; any girl who got dumped will react the same way Kelly did!

 The office great jokes

11. When Dwight said, “I wish I could menstruate” just to be more in tune with the moon and the tides.

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12. Pam doubled her sales from last month, and she stood up for it like any of us will do. Still, no one gave much credit to her.

 The office great jokes

13. Focusing on Andy’s musical became very important for Darryl as he says that listening to the overture will help us in recognizing the theme of the musical later on.

 The office great jokes


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