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The Office – Dwight’s 5 Best Moments

The Office Dwights 5 Best Moments

Dwight Schrute was one of the many shining lights in a fantastic show in The Office, and whilst he had many, many more, here’s a list of Dwight’s 5 best moments.

5. The Penis Detective

Dwight Hard at Work

Unfortunately on the way to work one day, Phyllis is flashed by a particularly disgusting human being. However, what follows is Dwight attempting his own particular version of justice, in trying to hunt down and find the pervert. In the process, he manages to put pictures up all over the neighbourhood of a sketch by Pam that bears a striking resemblance to himself, and applies new rules to the office much to the annoyance of his female co-workers.

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4. Quite the Disguise

dwight's 5 best moments
Dwight as Stanley

One of the season seven episodes has Dwight revealing he has a wig and disguise for each of his co-workers, because ‘you never know when you might need a passing resemblance to someone else’. Thankfully, as well as this admission, we actually get to see Dwight as a few of his co-workers, my personal favourites being Kevin and his crossword-doing Stanley.

3. The Snowmen

John Krasinski’s Jim Halpert Being a Rare Victim of Dwight

One of few times Dwight one ups Jim is during a particularly snowy episode involving a snowman, and later on, a LOT of snowmen. This is the first time we see Jim genuinely unable to get a hold of the situation, and after one particular snowball attack, whilst nursing his split lip, Dwight texts Jim suggesting he ‘puts ice on it’, and then we see an ecstatic Dwight in the background.

2. The Fire Drill

dwight's 5 best moments
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute

In one of the more dangerous opening stingers, we see Dwight creating his own version of a fire drill. With him snapping keys in locks, torching door handles so they’re too hot to touch, and finally lighting a cigarette before throwing it in a trashcan full of paper, it’s easy to figure his logic as the entire office devolves into a panic, but also easy to question his actions as surely there’s easier ways to get better results. It does gift us a particularly funny scene involving Oscar telling Angela her cat is too heavy to save, as he disappears into the roof, the cat quickly following after Angela throws it though.

1. His Own Hannibal Lecter Moment

Dwight's 5 Best Moments
Dwight as Hannibal Lecter

Number one in Dwight’s 5 best moments, we have an office wide first-aid training session, with the workers being taught CPR, and what song to do it to. As that immediately ends up in singing and dancing with Michael and Andy, Dwight takes the time to criticise the CPR dummy, before skinning it’s face and wearing it on his own, and immediately imitating Hannibal Lecter, much to the terror of some of his co-workers.

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Honourable Mentions

I could write all day about Dwight’s 5 best moments, and in fact it could be extended to many more, but as honourable mentions go, I have to mention the many moments Dwight has with Michael. Whatever hair-brained scheme Michael cooks up, Dwight is completely on board, whether it’s the mock birth of his not-baby with Jan, the Scranton City music video or Branch Wars, where Michael, Dwight and Jim go on a road trip to sabotage a rival branch. Without Michael, we wouldn’t get the best out of Dwight, similarly to Jim, for that matter.

There’s Dwight’s 5 best moments on The Office. What would you have added, and what did I miss?

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Written by Luke Addison

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