The Only Dragon Ball Z Hero Who Can Beat the Mighty Beerus and It’s Not Goku

A candy crafted by Bulma can conquer Beerus and even mortify him by retaining full command over his bowel movements.

The Only Dragon Ball Z Hero Who Can Beat the Mighty Beerus and It's Not Goku


  • Akira Toriyama is the author of the Dragon Ball franchise, which initially began in 1984 and is still thriving almost four decades later.
  • Beerus is one of the most potent characters in the franchise and despite him being elusive, he could easily be controlled using a candy Bulma developed in OG Dragon Ball.
  • The candy allows Bulma to exploit the bowel motions of anyone who gulps it for an extended period.
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Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the most widespread anime and manga series of all time, and even after thousands of episodes and four decades of runtime, the series persists to reign above its peers. The story has presented some of the most potent characters in the anime world, and one such anomaly is Beerus, the God of Destruction.

Beerus - Universe 7's God of Destruction
Beerus – Universe 7’s God of Destruction

Although Beerus is one of the strongest gods of destruction and can eradicate planets without breaking a sweat, there is a mortal who can defeat him and even embarrass him. The person is none other than Bulma, who can control the internal bowels of Beerus using a candy that grants Bulma full control over their bowel movements for a fairly long period.

Bulma has the means to beat the almighty God of Destruction, Beerus, in Dragon Ball

Bulma is one of the personalities that was introduced very early on in the series, and the fanciers got to see her in action in the authentic Dragon Ball franchise.


Her character has always been of utter essence to the plot, and she is the brain behind the Z fighters; her innovations have saved the universe uncountable times. One of her most geriatric creations is a candy that can turn the tides.

Despite being a candy, it has the power to dominate Beerus, the God of Destruction. However, don’t let the appearance of the candy deceive you; it’s not that simple. 

The candy invented by Bulma gives the regime of the bowel movements of the individual who ingested it to Bulma, who can regulate it as she gladdens. Yes, you attended it right. An unadorned candy can wreck the bowels of Beerus. 

Vegeta and Bulma from Dragon Ball
Vegeta and Bulma from Dragon Ball

She foremost used this on Oolong during Dragon Ball, and when Oolong tried to make his escape, Bulma uttered the phrase “Pii Pii,” which caused Oolong to instantly come down with violent diarrhea.

As spotlighted considerable times in the story, Beerus treasures devouring food from Earth, and someday, due to inconvenience, Beerus decides to eradicate Earth. All Bulma needs to do is feed him this candy.

What’s next for Dragon Ball?

TOEI Animation disclosed their latest project in the Dragon Ball franchise, titled Dragon Ball: Daima, and it is scheduled for a fall 2024 release.


The newly affirmed Dragon Ball DAIMA is making a lot of ruckus within the fandom and has gotten the fans excited after quite a long tenure. The series is very promising and we can look forward to it for myriad reasons.

Dragon Ball DAIMA
Dragon Ball DAIMA

It has been confirmed that Akira Toriyama is operating very closely with the production team and has been involved a lot more than usual.

Recently, it was revealed that Aya Komaki, one of the most renowned directors in the anime world, would be binding the cast of Dragon Ball Daima as a director alongside Dragon Ball Super and Digimon franchise Animation Director Yoshitaka Yashima and fans can barely wait for it.


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