“The public fascination is intense”: Kevin Costner Still Hasn’t Lost His Charm at 69 as Jewel Breaks Silence on Their Budding Romance

Rather than attempting to quell the rumors, Jewel, 49, seems to be embracing the idea that she is seeing Kevin Costner, 69.

“The public fascination is intense”: Kevin Costner Still Hasn’t Lost His Charm at 69 as Jewel Breaks Silence on Their Budding Romance


  • Kevin Costner, who turned 69 in January, has been linked to singer-songwriter Jewel.
  • She recently described the Yellowstone star as a “great person” in an interview with ELLE magazine.
  • The couple has been the subject of rumors since they were spotted together in December 2023 at a charity function in the British Virgin Islands.
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Yes, we know Kevin Costner turned 69 this year on January 18, but one thing cannot be denied: his charisma and magnetic personality have not aged a day. The Hollywood heartthrob has recently been linked to singer-songwriter Jewel, 49, and fans couldn’t be more excited by the news. 


In a brief statement, Jewel, 49, described the Yellowstone actor as a “great person” during an April 10 interview with ELLE magazine. The Spirit hitmaker blushed and told the outlet that the level of interest is “intense” for sure.

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone
Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

Note that the singer and actor have been the subject of rumors ever since they were spotted together in December 2023 at a charity function in the British Virgin Islands.


Kevin Costner’s Timeless Charm Enchants Jewel in a New Romance

Kevin Costner and Jewel reportedly started dating rumors a few months ago after they were spotted acting “flirty” on a Caribbean island, according to TMZ. Since then, neither of them has raised much of a fuss. In a recent Elle interview, Jewel seemed to blush when asked about the actor, even though she has not stated explicitly whether or not the two are dating.

The Inspiring Children Foundation, Jewel’s charity organization, was holding a tennis fundraiser, and TMZ revealed back in December that the two went to the British Virgin Islands together. A photo of the couple, in which Costner was seated behind Jewel with his arm wrapped around her, raised eyebrows. A source informed TMZ:

“You could tell they were trying to be discreet, but anybody who saw them could tell something was going on.”

Another source shared:


“There was definitely something going on. They were flirty, and when they were together, it was like they both just lit up.” 

Jewel at The Kelly Clarkson Show (Image via Instagram @jewel)
Jewel at The Kelly Clarkson Show (Image via Instagram @jewel)

In an Instagram post about her trip, Jewel thanked Costner for “being kind enough to mentor our kids” and even tagged him in the post. Us Weekly was informed by a source that Jewel and Costner “check a lot of boxes for each other”.

Costner remained silent when asked by the media in February if he was seeing Jewel. It makes it reasonable that the two would prefer to remain silent about it. The actor and Christine Baumgartner reached a contentious divorce settlement on February 20, 2024. On the other hand, Jewel married rodeo cowboy Ty Murray in 2008, and the two remained together until 2014.  

Regardless, when Elle inquired concerning Costner, Jewel blushed and replied:


“He’s a great person.” 

Take whatever you will from her further statement that “the public fascination is intense for sure”. Costner and Jewel appear to have forged a bond that cuts over time despite their disparate ages.

Jewel Got Candid About Her Divorce from Ty Murray

Ty Murray and son (Image via Instagram @jewel)
Ty Murray and son (Image via Instagram @jewel)

Ty Murray and Jewel had a six-year-long marriage. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter tied the knot with the nine-time World Champion professional rodeo cowboy in 2008; in 2014, they filed for divorce.

Jewel clarified after the former couple’s split that they intended to have a “loving” split and that their son would always be their priority (per People). Murray also provided an update on their relationship following their divorce. As per the outlet, he revealed:


I do feel like we are friends. That’s really important to me on a lot of levels. We’re all in a really good spot and we’re all getting all our needs met.”

On October 8, 2014, Jewel posted pictures of her son and her ex-husband on her Instagram page, with the caption:

“My two favorite cowboys.”

Meanwhile, citing irreconcilable differences, Kevin Costner’s ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce on May 1, 2023 (per Fox News). Together, the couple is the parents of three kids.

Anyway, as the rumors of Costner’s possible relationship with Jewel continue to swirl, we can’t help but root for this unlikely couple. Whether they just happen to be friends or something more, we must admit that the Oscar-winning star still hasn’t lost his charm at 69!


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