The Residence: Andre Braugher’s Final Detective Project Unsure About Going Forward After Actor’s Untimely Death at 61

Andre Braugher's demise might led to the cancelation of his final project

The Residence: Andre Braugher’s Final Detective Project Unsure About Going Forward After Actor’s Untimely Death at 61


  • Andre Braugher made a name for himself in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Andre Braugher was part of a yet-to-be-released projected titled The Residence
  • The Residence may get scrapped entirely following Andre Braugher's demise
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Andre Braugher was one of the most established actors in recent memory, who gained true fanfare thanks to his iconic role as Captain Raymond Holt in the hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which aired in 2013 and ended back in 2021. Unfortunately, Braugher passed away recently – shocking the world. Now a final project he was a part of might not even happen after his demise.

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He is also known for his supporting roles in films such as Glory (1989), Primal Fear (1996), City of Angels (1998), Frequency (2000), Duets (2000), Poseidon (2006), The Mist (2007), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), Salt (2010) and more. He had more projects in the pipeline but they might not see the light of day now after his passing.


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Andre Braugher as Captain Raymond Holt

Andre Braugher Was Working On A Project Before His Untimely Passing

Andre Braugher’s passing shocked the world in a big way. Before his untimely passing, Braugher had been actively involved in the production of a new Netflix TV series titled The Residence, which has now become the actor’s final project. While many details surrounding the show are still not known, substantial information is already available.


The series is an eight-episode series created by Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, with Paul William Davies serving as the writer and showrunner. The inspiration for the series is drawn from Kate Andersen Brower’s book, The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House. Interestingly, the show is not a direct adaptation but rather utilizes the book as a starting point. According to a February report from Deadline, the series is described as “a screwball whodunnit set in the upstairs, downstairs, and back stairs of the White House, among the eclectic staff of the world’s most famous mansion.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Residence‘s Future Remains Uncertain After Andre Braugher’s Passing

Andre Braugher’s untimely demise left The Residence facing major uncertainty for good reason. As reported by Deadline, four episodes of the show were already filmed before the industry faced setbacks due to strikes by the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild, causing a significant hiatus in Hollywood production. Although filming was slated to resume in January, it remains uncertain whether Netflix will maintain the schedule, considering the recent events.

Not the bees!
Andre Braugher in City of Angels (1998)

The absence of Braugher poses a challenge for the production. The path forward may involve difficult decisions such as writing off his character, finding a replacement actor, or potentially abandoning the show altogether. The solution may hinge on the significance of Braugher’s character, A.B. Wynter, to the overall story. Given that Wynter is described as one of the main characters in the show, addressing his role posthumously will definitely be a major hurdle that writers have to cross. Whether they will be able to or not is a whole different conversation.


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